Miniature Painting and War Gaming

42nd Highlanders in 15mm

   Welcome to my miniature painting and war gaming site. Please take the time to look around at the painting galleries and I hope that you'll find something useful. Even after being on line since October of 2000, the site is still HEAVILY under construction, so please watch your step. Some sections are unfinished - my original plans for a full-service website were hamstrung by server limitations from the very beginning. But now that I've got additional server space, I'll be able to expand the workshop in the future. All photo images on the website are reduced-sized thumbnails of the actual photographs. Just click on the small picture to pull-up the full-sized image.

   I can't guarantee that my methods and techniques will help you to paint the next tournament award winning single figure. There are other sites on-line that specialize in the creation of small-scale masterpieces. What I hope to do is help you learn new methods for becoming a better and faster painter, using techniques I developed while running a miniature painting service for many years. I specialize in creating ARMIES of extremely well done figures, not just the single personality masterpiece some people are looking for in order to wow judges in a painting competition. I routinely produce thousands of painted figures in all different scales over the course of a year. And I realized my painting methods were substantially different from what I had read in books or learnt while watching other equally talented artists at work.

Elven general on a pegasus!

   I would like to point out that with very few exceptions, all the painted figures shown on my website were commissioned by a customer. For example, the five painted miniatures selected to 'grace' my main page are not in my possession. What I show on this site is the quality of the work I produce.

   In 1998 I detailed most of my painting methods in a series of postings to the Historical Miniatures News Group under the META-titleC "Gettin' Good:". My advice was generally well-received and I've archived the original postings in the painting tips section of the website. I've also expanded the original articles and added some examples of my work to illustrate the effects I'm trying to achieve. I hope that my advice will be of some use.

1/285 scale Albatross D.3

   There are now three separate picture galleries - two semi-permanent sets that show some of my favorite work ( fantasy / science-fiction and historical ) that I've done for myself and my friends and customers. Plus a third gallery that displays a highlighted army (showcase), what's been going out the doors lately (current) and some of my favorite conversions and scratch-building projects. The showcase and current project galleries will both be changed on a very regular basis. Almost all the photos were taken with my Olympus D-460 Zoom digital camera. I can recommend digital photography without hesitation to anyone looking to try photographing miniatures. My D-460 it might be the best money I ever spent on a 'war gaming accessory'.

Banner of the Black Templars

   I also plan to have sections on several rule sets I've developed over the years and on new rule sets I'm currently working on. I design a lot of my own games for myself and my friends and have found that process of development and modification to be an extremely rewarding aspect of the miniature gaming hobby.

    I hope that when you next sit down at your painting table, you'll find some of my methods and ideas useful to you. Feel free to use the guest book to give me your comments and if you have any questions about painting or suggestions about the site, please e-mail me directly at

A samurai leader

    Many people have helped my with advice and encouragement. Special thanks to Dan Arteaga for developing my way-cool new logo, new page headers and helping with so many good graphics other and ideas. And to Jason Lang who did such sterling work when the workshop was just an idea I'd been pondering and to Chris Wilson of British Wargamers who first put my words and pictures up on the 'net. To my friends and customers who once bugged me continually about "when are you going to get your website up?". It's up, it runs and I do hope you enjoy seeing pictures of your miniatures on it. :-)