Here's a list of some of the many things I'd exchange painting work for or would consider buying outright. Any object listed in bold face is an item of special interest that I'm actively seeking and am willing to haggle over... but I won't be stupid about it. Unpainted miniatures are preferred over already finished models for obvious reasons - I'm most likely going to just strip any model down to bare metal in order to repaint it anyway.

Ral Partha Battletech Inner Sphere Mech Miniatures (1 each)
  • 20-771 CTF-3d Cataphract
  • 20-772 CES-3r Caesar
  • 20-774 Black Knight (original model only)
  • 20-781 KTO-19 Kintaro
  • 20-788 STN-3m Sentinel
  • 20-813 MCY-99 Mercury
  • 20-850 FS9-h Firestarter
  • 20-881 CGR-1a1 Charger (original model only)
  • 20-885 HER-2s Hermes II
  • 20-898 IMP-3e Imp