Iyaden Craftworld Warlock on Jetbike: This was not the first figure I ever converted or heavily modified from it's original condition. It was, however, the first time I ever agreed to do a conversion project for a customer.

The jetbike is constructed normally (except for the weighted nose to move the model's center of gravity forward) and the rider's legs are the plastic guardian pilot's lower half. The warlock's top half is the taken from the model which is firing a shurkien pistol to his left while holding a force sword point down with his right hand. The long, flowing robes were sculpted out of epoxy putty (or 'green stuff').

Black Templar Champion being 'spawned': This particular conversion was a Christmas present from a Black Templar player to a particularly effective (or lucky) Chaos player. It had become a running joke between the two of them that everytime they played, the Chaos sorcerer would turn either the Black Templar champion or marshal to chaos spawn. Hence the point of the conversion....

The conversion was straightforward and mostly pieces out of my bitz box. The head and arm coming out the back was off the remains of an old deamon model, the clawed arm and foot were off a deamonette riding a beast of slannesh. The tentacle snaking around the leg was simply 'green stuff' with suckers composed of tiny plastics beads pushed into the epoxy putty before it had set-up.

Lord Tonka's Ork Battlewagon: I can take no credit for the design of this particular conversion - it's completely the work of the inspired (and quite obviously mad) Mr. Kirby Atwood. I am, however, solely responsible for the painting of his Kult of speed's latest aquisition...

Apparently Lord Tonka's battlewagon began its career as a big yellow tonka truck - picked-up for five dollars at a toy store while Mr. Atwood was shopping for Xmas presents for his nephews and nieces. What all the bitz are should be obvious to anyone with a citadel catalog. I do find it a particularly interesting alternative to the forgeworld model... especially in terms of initial cost! :-)