BATTLETECH: I started playing Battletech around 1990 and quickly grew bored with the lack of vehicles available from Ral Partha. So I set out to try to sculpt some of my own, using modeling clay and a few simple tools I had on hand. Before I was done, I'd made 24 vehicles and 6 mechs not yet in commerical production. Here's a sample of some that I made.

SKY GALLEONS OF MARS:Another game I discovered about six months AFTER it went out-of-print. So I set out to make my own sky boats - I currently have completed around 48 Royal Navy, Martian and even German luftboots. They are constructed of balsa wood superstructures, modeling clay hulls and toothpick masts.

1/1600 SCALE SAILING SHIPS: I've always liked Napoleonic naval combat, but was put off by the cost and complexity of 1/1200 scale metal ships currently available. So I set out to make fleets of my own - I've constructed over 120 ships in total for Great Britain, France, Spain and the United States.

I settled on 1/1600 scale as the approximate scale for my ships because that's the tallest mast on the largest SOL you can construct using a standard toothpick! Hulls are carved out of balsa wood, masts are toothpicks with pins for spars, sails are painted tracing paper, ratlines are painted scrap linen and rigging is pre-waxed black monocord.