Painting Tips


A Summary of Newsgroup postings made to R.G.M.H. in 1998.

Author's note:

Please excuse the rough look of the following simple text. I hope to have a more complete and readable tome on the subject of slapping paint on little metal (and plastic) men up one day. Until then, I hope those who manage to work their way through the following will find something of what I have to say useful.

The original question that a poster on RGMH asked was how to paint American Civil War figures in a neat and clean way prompted all my subsequent postings. So while the 'Gettin Good' articles dealt specifically with the ACW in all the examples, the techniques and methods can be applied equally to ancients, napoleonics, fantasy and science-fiction. As a visit to my photo galleries should demonstrate. ;-)

  • Gettin' Good: An introduction, explanation and disclaimer.
  • Part 1: How to get good at painting? A professional's opinion.
  • Part 2: How to get good at painting? Dissenting opinions are heard.
  • Part 3: The selection, care and feeding of brushes.
  • Part 4: Questions and answers from the gentle readers.
  • Part 5: A primer on using stains and washes.
  • Part 6: Ragged Rebs (or painting irregular units in a regular way).
  • Part 7: Painting Ponies I. Just what sort of beast is that, anyway?
  • Part 8: Painting Ponies II. Your basic black, brown and chestnut horses.
  • Part 9: Painting Ponies III. Fancies - whites, greys, duns and finishing touches.
  • Part 10: A primer on stripes, checks and tartan plaids.