Site History

Todays Date: Content.

September 08, 2007: Thanks to Dan Arteaga of Arteaga Design Studios, the re-design of Mr. Tin's Workshop v8.0 is now completed. Too many things have been or improved to be listed here. Anyone interested in contacting Mr. Arteaga or viewing his design work vist his at Arteaga Design Studios.

March 16, 2003: Mr. Tin's Workshop Ver 7.0 is now completed. I've got a sharp new logo and new galleries - Epic 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and 100 Kingdoms. I also finally got some pictures of the Balrog up in the shadow LOTR gallery.

November 25, 2002: The final switch to my new ISP has just been completed. I've expanded and changed many, many galleries and the workshop now has 30 megs of storage space to grow into. Much work remains to be done until I'm satisfied with Mr. Tin's Workshop Ver. 6.0.

March 16, 2002: Added the remainder of the shadow minions to the 2nd LOTR gallery. Removed Black Templar space marines from the showcase gallery - replaced them with Ork "Burning Moon" Speed Freeks.

March 15, 2002: Split the LOTR gallery into two seperate sections - a free peoples and a shadow gallery. Added new elves: Galadriel, Celeborn, Gilgalad and Haldir. Removed the Warhammer fantasy gallery and the spaceship gallery to free-up more room for the LOTR expansion.

February 09, 2002: Updated the LOTR gallery to include recently completed models - Bilbo baggins, mounted Nazgul and Gawhir the wind lord. Added two new items to the converted figures gallery: an Ork battlewagon made from a Tonka truck and a Black Templar champion being converted to chaos spawn.

December 29, 2001: Added a new gallery to the sci-fi / fantasy section to show the brand-new Lord of the Rings miniatures. Also added a new converted miniatures gallery to the current projects gallery to show models I've heavily modified - like an Iyaden warlock on a jetbike.

September 25, 2001: My ISP changed again and Mr. Tin's Workshop is now at version 5.0. I've added pictures of cavalry figures in the painting tip section to demonstrate the final results of my horse-painting methods.

April 26, 2001: Added a new gallery to the sci-fi / fantasy section to display some brand-new Battletech mechs plus I updated both the current and showcased galleries to show other recently finished projects.

March 02, 2001: Woohoooo! Finally I've got the extra storage space required to bring my website back to it's pre-server switch size - plus 2 mg more than before to grow into.

February 26, 2001: Mr Tin's Workshop is back! Version 3.0 is a truncated, much reduced shadow of it's former self. In order to get beneath the 5mg limit my ISP imposes on personal websites, I had to cut over1 mg of pictures out of the site. For now. :-(

February 14, 2001: My ISP switches to a new server and the website goes off-line. Happy freakin' Valentine's Day to me!

January 23, 2001: Added a new gallery to show some of my scratch-built toys and updated the current painting gallery to show new work. Updated several sub-pages in the "Soapbox" section.

November 22, 2000: Added the first battle report for a colonial-WW I game and maps to the reports section of 'My Stuff'.

November 21, 2000: Redesigned the painting tip section to allow better access to the text files. Broke the Soapbox section into four parts and moved it to its own menu.

November, 2000: Many small changes, too numerous to list in detail. A Guestbook is added and made to function. The "My stuff" section is added to describe the rules I designed, games I play, battle reports, personal opinions and wanted / for sale lists.

October 21, 2000: Mr. Tin's Workshop 2.0 goes on-line. This time I seemed to have got it much cleaner and the pictures loading much faster. There was much rejoicing among the multitudes. At least I was pleased.

October 14, 2000: Mr. Tin's Workshop 1.0 goes on-line. It promptly needs to be rebuilt and reconstructed due to obvious design flaws. There was much wailing, rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth.