Well, you've come to the editorial section of the site, where I get to mouth off about all the things in the gaming hobby that bother me. Or about life in general.

I'm just a professional - I only do this for the money:

I don't paint figures for love or because I want to win a competition. Or for the acclaim of the crowd <g>. I paint for money. Which means that almost anyone, with the necessary modicum of talent, who is willing to spend an unlimited amount of time, energy, effort and sometimes money, can paint 'better' than me. And win contests that I can't be bothered to even enter.

Keep in mind that almost every Games Workshop figure displayed on this site is currently living in the collection of one of my customers. And with the exception of the scratch-building gallery, the air-sea gallery and the Napoleonic gallery, the balance of the figures shown in 'Mr. Tin's Workshop' is almost entirely work I've completed for other people, not for my own collection.

I don't paint to "Golden Demon" standards, so don't even bother asking. Those people are IMHO seriously crazy - I could paint like that too. But I'd have to probably charge ten times the rates I do now. 'Nough said. I hope. ;-)

The Foundry and Greed Workshop's latest round of price increases:

This is a price rant - you've been warned in advance. So keep your opinions about the virtues of free market capitalism and the seller's right to charge what the market will bear and a corporation's obligations to shareholders to yourself. Please be advised that this is a price rant and appeals to either pure logic or blessed virtue will have no effect upon me. ;-)

As you might have guessed, I don't like it. I understand all about raising one's prices - I've done it many times and sometimes my customer's balk and sometime's they don't. I guess it's all about the perception of value. And what sort of competition is available, in terms of both quality, price and service.

The Foundry's staggering price increase for 25mm historical figures and their stupid blister packaging scheme has simply caused my painting customer's to stop buying their figures. Instead I'm seeing more Redoubt, Old Glory (big time increase), Dixon and even old Ral Partha figures crossing my work table. And my interest in purchasing figures from both the Foundry's Darkest Africa and Trojan War ranges was eliminated entirely. So my available funds are being channeled into other, less expensive figure ranges.

Game's Workshop's price increase at the start of 2001 is the last straw that broke this camel's back. I just bought an Eldar army for 40K. And except for the few figures required to round it out, I'm done buying anything from Greed Workshop. Fini.