Well, you've come to the editorial section of the site, where I get to wax poetic about some of the things in the gaming hobby that have impressed me lately.

The Return of Battletech:

Or more precisely, MY return to Battletech after almost a ten-year absense. And why did I ever stop playing this game?

Back in October of 2000, on mostly a whim, I dug out my old collection of now rare and 'missing' mechs. And tore into the original rules, published back in the late 1980's. And discovered, despite so many favorite mechs now being unavailable, that I really, really enjoyed playing this game.

So now it's January of 2001. I've bought new rules, new sourcebooks, all the tech manuals and ten new Kurita mechs. And I'm discovering just how much I loath gauss rifles - especially when my opponent's latest factory-fresh floor-model mechs gets to use them and my old Inner Sphere 'crybaby' mechs don't. Someday soon I hope to discover why everybody hates the clans so much, with Ghost Bear being planned just as soon as I finish-up my decade-stalled Kurita Combine project.

And considering I started playing 40k (and bought a 2,000 pt Eldar army) at exactly the same time as I re-entered the Battletech universe, I now kind of wish I bought more BT instead of spending so much money with 'Greed Workshop'. :-(