Sometimes I come across questions I just can't find answers to. Or problems I just can't puzzle out. Or products that are now completely unavailable. I hope that this section of the site will lead to some much desired answers or information. Compensation for any information or services provided will be negotiated privately.

1) The Estranger Regt. of King Joseph Napoleon:

Please describe, in as much detail as possible, the uniform and organization of the foreign regiment of the Spainish kingdom of Joseph Napoleon during the Napoleonic wars. I'm looking for uniform information on the actual Francophile Spanish unit which saw service in Spain - not the regiment Joseph Napoleon which fought with the French army during the 1812 Campaign.

2) The Courier Magazine, Volume IX, issues 2, 3 and 4:

Over ten years ago, due to several moves in a very short period of time, my subscription to the Courier magazine either lapsed or the above issues were lost. In either case, my collection of magazines going back to the 'new' Courier is incomplete. What I'd like to find is some kind soul who would be willing to photo-copy the articles from the three missing issues so I could at least have a complete reference to the information.