Time for an update. Added Yui Kimischima and more.

Added Bia Bastos.
Stats: 419 TS. 4475 Movies.

Added Karen Kimishima & Akari Yukino.

Added Shizuka Momose, Ageha Himesaki, Abe Rion, Reisa Kokusho, Rena Araki.

One last update for this year. Also a beauty, Kelli Lox.
I am going to trow in some statistics also. 425 Girls. 4087 Movies, doubles and compilations included.
I hope to achieve a 5... number on both fronts next year. Happy New-Year and a good health.
The intro-page is also updated, eventually. Long time overdue.

Added Carmen Moore and Tiffany Starr.
I have changed the name of Producer/Distributor "Devil's Films" in "Devil's Film", to reflect their change in name.
It wil take some time to change it in all movies.

Added Sadie Hawkins & Sienna Grace.

Added Koko Kimino, Himena Takahashi and Miran.
Be sure to check this photoshoot AKA gravure (Japanese slang) of Himena out. She has an incredible cute face, and what beautiful eyes. You can drown in them.

Added Hiromi Sato.

This time I will also add 2 hotties who don't fall under the general definition of a transsexual. But they are too cute to ignore.
Also from Japan. An English translation of their definition would be "Otokono Daughter".
They like to behave and dress like girls, but don't take hormones.
I wonder how this evolves, because as we know, male hormones tend to cultivate hair grow on the body, muscle development and a deep voice. Time will tell.
Serina Tachibana and Kaoru Oshima.

Added Yuki Nanase & Yuki Mizuno.

Added Kimberly Kills.

Added Bee Armitage, Amy Daly, Morgan Bailey and Astrid Shay.

Added Ririca.

Added Camilla Jolie and Mei Aikawa.

Identified many Blue Pictures releases as being Duplicates of Brasileirinhas releases. But the list is far of complete.
Added Mai Ayase, Rina Shinoda, Saki Himeno, Laura Ferraz and Melissa Del Prado.

Added LISA.

Added Sayaka Ayasaki

Added Bailey Jay.

Added Mai Nakabayashi & Mao Asagiri & Runa Utsuki.

Added Chinatsu Yumoto.

Added Mylena Bysmark.

Added Andreia Albertini.

Added Tenma Sakuranomiya.

Added Monika Prado & Cinthia Marinho.

Added Momo Hirari.

Added Miya + numerous Brasileirinhas counterparts of Sunshine releases.

Added Mina Yumeno, Kanon + Homepage for Sena Arisawa, Eri Katase & Miki Mizuasa.

Added Sena Arisawa + Homepage for Miruku Aima.

Added Tamura Kotoko.
Added Shiraishi Nanami.

Added Gisele Campos. (contributed by piravlos)

Added Patricia Sereia. (contributed by ssuper1233)
Added Tayla Dieckmann. (as suggested by alessio)
Added Bio-additions for Ayaka as listed here. (contributed by Jay R.)

Added link for Jesse Flores's website. (contributed by Fred B.Jr)

Added link for Kimberly DeVine's website. (contributed by Troy)

How time flies. Another update, finally.
Added Mandy Mitchell (contributed by frumswafa) See also
Added Adriana Rodrigues.

Added Miruku Aima.

Added Ayaka & Manaka.

Added Aline Santos.

Added Kelly Ohana, Carla Novaes and Yris Schimit.

Rewrote some scripts to correct URL-encoding for special characters. These links should work again.
Added Kimber James. (contributed by sindo/tuzaro)

This must be the longest delay between updates.
Added Yumika.
Added many Brasileirinhas-originals who were rereleased by Sunshine with an English title.
Added bio-update for Iyana concerning her early demise. (contributed by K.M.)

After reviewing statistical data, I still discover that almost 70% of my visitors use Internet Explorer as a browser. Big mistake.
If you want to enjoy virus-free, hijacking-free, exploit-free, -surfing then please drop it, in favour of Mozilla Firefox or any other browser for that matter.
Further you can replace Outlook Express with Mozilla Thunderbird. All of your links and/or mails will be seamlessly transferred during the install, so you will not lose any data.
All this software is free, and I would not promote it, if I wasn't convinced that's it's an extremely great benefit.

So, I expect to see a 10% drop, at least, in IE for the next month.

Updates once again after some absence. I have renewed my efforts of doing some new updates, but some people have to be patient if they have not heard of me. Their mails will be looked at and processed eventually.

Fabiana was previously "Fabiana Bianca", due to some name mixup with a photoshoot. (contributed by lolozack)

And I finally have found a way to distinguish duplicate-movies and still add them to the filmography-list.
A duplicate is a movie which is released under another name, but with the same content. Just like the compilations they will get a colorcode and will not be included in the moviestats-list which can be accessed under the "Visual Browser"-page (click the movie-reel icon). I have added a legend in the Filmography-page with the colorcode-explanations.

Not many dupes included yet. Look for instance under "Fernanda Rubio". "Bizarre Brazil" is the dupe from "Travestis - Fetiche". More to come later.

Added Thays Schiavinato. (contributed by aguest)

Well, it seems that Danielle Foxxx finally went the full way and is now a Postop. (contributed by Sirtqawwed)
I wish her much prosperity in her new physical state.

What a stupid mistake. The girl I added as Candy Barr is actually Chloe. But it is rectified, as of this update.

Wendy Williams has informed me that she just wrapped up her latest movie "A Shemale Gangbang: The Inter-Racial Version", due to come out on the 26th of May 2008.
Click the banner to find some more information about it. I see there is no trailer yet, but I'm sure it will be available when it's ready.

Added Candy Barr, another retro-TS.

Added Maui Taylor. (contributed by Markes)
On request, added Sulka.

A lot of updates in the movies-section. Too many to mention.
It seems that Bacchus has been bringing out a lot of "new" movies recently, so this got my attention again about whether or not they are compilations.
I've come to the conclusions that most, if not all of their releases are compilations, so that is what I will give them.
All Bacchus-releases are now changed into compilation-status.

Added Mai Nanase.

Added link to a page that show all Distributors who currently are cataloged. See it here or from the Polls/Stats-button.
You can click on the name or the logo to see the Movielist for that Distributor.
List is very basic, incomplete and is missing several logo's, but it's a work in progress like all the rest.

Found some more info from Japanese distributors and added them and as a result rewrote some scripts.
I will write a new script that gives a list of all distributors on file.

Added Bianca Duarte & Elisa Luckese. (contributed by Ferris Bueller)
Added New-Halfs Honami Kanzaki & Miki Mizuasa.

Added Mickelly & Morena Del Sol. (contributed by Nalsur)

Added Clarissa Ribeiro & Leticia Vlasak (contributed by Nalsur)
Added bio-info for Holly Sweet (Hugo A.)
Named MIA02 as Alessandra. (HTH)

Added Ana Julia & Bruna Tavares (contributed by Nalsur).

Movies added or corrected:
- A Trans Named Desire
- All American Shemale Wendy
- America's Next Top Tranny (II)
- Bonecas no vicio
- False Advertising
- Fucked By A Tranny
- Fucking She-Males
- Girly Men
- He's My Girl #2
- Hot Latin Trannies #8
- Italian She Male volume 21
- Las Vegas She Males
- Latin T-Girl Siesta
- Pamela Peaks In The Kitchen Vol. 62 - 63
- She Male Samba Mania 24
- She Male Samba Mania 25
- She Male Samba Mania 26
- She's Got Balls (II)
- Shemale Nation #2
- Shemale Nation
- Shemale Sandwich 2
- T-Girl Mania Volume 21
- The New T-Girl 4
- The T Team
- Trannie World XXX Tour #20
- Tranny Cumshots
- Trans-World
- Transsexual Barebackin' It 12
- Transsexual Heart Breakers 29
- Transsexual Heart Breakers 33
- Transsexual Seduction
- Transworld 2
- Transworld 4
- Wendy Does Vegas

Added Moe.

Movies added or corrected:
- ALX-405
- APD-64
- APD-72
- APD-75
- APD-87
- APD-90
- APD-96
- BC-028
- BC-104
- BSHD-02
- BSHD-03
- BSHD-05
- DXK-04
- EXP-22
- FSET-044
- He She Cornholers
- HSO-02
- KRFV-013
- KRFV-020
- MSDM-01
- MSMD-02
- MSMD-03
- MSMD-04
- MSMD-05
- MSMD-07
- MSMD-08
- MSMD-09
- MSMD-10
- OPUD-013
- RADD-106
- SHED-21
- SHED-31
- SHED-40
- SNYD-003
- STD-204
- STD-216
- STD-218
- TOD-138
- WSHD-06

Added Saori Kashiwagi, Eri Katase, Misato Takei & Jesse Flores (last one contributed by Crimson Raider).

I will rename all Japanese Movies back to their product-code since some movies have an English title, but in the same series there are only Japanese titles also.
The English title will be added in the remark.

Movies added or corrected:
- APD-19
- APD-99
- APDS-38
- BC-064
- BC-070
- DSV-05
- DXK-03
- DXK-05
- DXL-01
- KTDRV-113
- MSMD-05
- Naughty Transsexual Nurses
- NEWH-001
- NHDT-155
- OPUD-022
- QUD-010
- She-Male Strokers 18
- She-Male Strokers 21
- She-Male Strokers 22
- She-Male Strokers 23
- She-Male Strokers 24
- SHED-03
- SHED-04
- SHED-13
- SHED-21
- SHED-24
- SHED-28
- SHED-41
- SMLD-01
- STD-218
- The Bitch got Balls 2
- TOD-132
- Tony Vee's New York Shemales Volume II
- Transsexual Babysitters 3
- Transsexual Babysitters 4
- Transsexual Gang Bangers 14
- Transsexual Prostitutes 38
- Transsexual Prostitutes 39
- Transsexual Prostitutes 40
- Transsexual Prostitutes 43
- Transsexual Prostitutes 46
- Transsexual Prostitutes 47
- Transsexual Prostitutes 49
- Transsexual Prostitutes 50
- Transsexual Prostitutes 51
- TRJD-04
- WSHD-06

Added Danielly Palomino, Ayano Yamazaki, Hikari Fuka & Nana Suzuki.

Movies added or corrected:
- APD-102
- BC-007
- Bi Sex Orgies 3
- BSHD-05
- BUG-008
- BUG-010
- Christina's Revenge
- Die Wilden Trannies 1
- Die Wilden Trannies 2
- Die Wilden Trannies 3
- Die Wilden Trannies 4
- Die Wilden Trannies 5
- DSV-14
- DXL-03
- GangBangFun No.10
- Gigantic
- Her Pole His Hole Vol.2
- JB-03
- KRFV-011
- QUD-012
- She Male Bukkake
- She Male Samba Mania 9
- She-Male Sadomasochism Volume Three
- SHED-06
- SHED-08
- SHED-09
- SHED-11
- SHED-17
- SHED-18
- SHED-25
- SHED-29
- SHED-33
- SHED-35
- SHED-37
- SHED-38
- SHED-39
- SMPD-03
- STD-207
- TOD-177
- Tranny Date
- Trans Diary - Brazilian Trans Babes
- Trans Diary - Hard And Horny
- Trans Diary - Steamy Affairs
- Trans Diary - The Shemale Crew
- Transgirls Strokers
- Transgirls Villa
- TransSex - Shemales & Females
- TransSex - Shemales Paradise
- TransSex - Trans Cock Lovers
- TransSex - Trans Express
- Transsexual Barebackin' It 6
- Transsexual Heart Breakers 12
- Transsexual Heart Breakers 4
- TRJD-11
- TTS-017
- Una Giornata Particolare
- VERD-02

Changed all "Forbidden Fruit"-movies in compilation-status, since they seem to be compiled of scenes from the "Trisexual Encounter"-movies.
Added Khloe Hart. (contributed by Crimson Raider)

Movies added or corrected:
Alisando as Bonecas
American She-Males - Beyond Hardcore
Big Butt Transsexuals Bare Backing P.O.V. Vol.1
Buddy Wood's Shemale Email
Buddy Wood's Shemale Schoolgirls
Dial ''S'' For She-Male
Double Impact
Fire And Ice
Forbidden Fruit 1
Forbidden Fruit 2
Forbidden Fruit 3
House Of She-Males (II)
Menino ou Menina
More Than A Woman (I)
Mystery Date
Rise Of The She-Males
She's Got Nuts #4
She-Male Kickboxer
She-Male Madness
She-Male Strokers 20
She-Male Strokers 22
She-Males Hardons - X-Rays
She-Males Walk Among Us
Split Personality
The Eyes of A Stranger
The Ultimate Sex
Tranny Trauma
Trans Confidence
Trans Follie
Transando Frente & Verso
Travestis 29 - Munik
Trisexual Encounters No.2
Trisexual Encounters No.3
Trisexual Encounters No.5
Trisexual Encounters No.6
Uccelli di Donna
Up Close And Virtual With Khloe Hart

It has been quite slow on new updates, mainly because I needed time for some other stuff, but there are a few updates, thanks to some contributors.

Movies added or corrected:
Brazilian She-Males - English Private Classes
Young And Transexual 2
Bang Bang She-Male - Ariana Jolee
Transsexual Dog Walker
Transsexual Heart Breakers 35
Erika Neri E Il Trans
Travestis Insaciáveis! Vol.3

I've also added MIA13 to the MIA-page. If you know of more movies than mentioned on her info-page or other stuff, contact me on E-mail.

Added Mia Fever.

Added Mel Voguel.

Movies added or corrected:
99.9% Mulher
Belas X Feras
Big Tit Transsexuals 3
Big Tit Transsexuals
Big-Ass She-Male All-Stars
Bonekas na Eskola
Brazilian Travestis - Revela‡äes
Brazilian Travestis - Sex Appeal
Cocks In Frocks 10
Cocks In Frocks 17 - Cross Roads
Cocks In Frocks 18 - Brazil to Hollywood
Contos de Bianca
Contos de Bonekas
Damas de Paus (II)
Desejos Proibidos
Extasy Trans
Fucked By A Tranny
House Of She-Males 5
Italia in Trans (II)
Italian She Male volume 1
Italian She Male volume 10
Italian She Male volume 11
Italian She Male volume 13
Italian She Male volume 16
Italian She Male volume 17
Italian She Male volume 18
Italian She Male volume 19
Italian She Male volume 2
Italian She Male volume 20
Italian She Male volume 22
Italian She Male volume 25
Italian She Male volume 3
Italian She Male volume 4
Italian She Male volume 5
Italian She Male volume 6
Italian She Male volume 7
Italian She Male volume 8
Italian She Male volume 9
La Fiesta 2
Lucas Crazy Travas
Me Engana Que Eu Gosto
Notti in Trans a Las Vegas
Pela Porta Dos Fundos
Pronto Socorro Do Sexo
Pussy Male Hot Asses
Rogue Adventures #12
Rogue Adventures #5
Secrets Of Sao Paulo 8
She Male Jam 10
She Male Jam 2
She Male Jam 3
She Male Jam 4
She Male Jam 8
She Male Slumber Party
She-Male Me Do It!
She-Male Showgirls
Shemale Yum Takes On Brazilian Transsexuals 3
Shemales On Time
The Proactive Shemale
Trannie Interrupted
Tranny Shop 2
Trans Lover 2
Trans Mania 2
Trans Mania
Trans X 2
Transsexual Carnival - Direct from Rio!
Transsexual Glamor Girls 12
Transsexual Schoolgirls 3
Travestis versus Ninfetas 2
Travestis versus Ninfetas

Added Hilda Brasil.

Movies added or corrected:
Allanah Starr's Big Boob Adventures 2
Allanah Starr's Big Boob Adventures
Alpha Tranny
Attack Of The 50' Ft. Tranny
Bi-Sex Ass Party
Brazilian Trans Divas Vol.One
Brazilian Trans Divas Vol.Two
Cocked And Loaded Volume 1
Cocked And Loaded Volume 2
Cocked And Loaded Volume 3
Cocked And Loaded Volume 4
Cocked And Loaded Volume 5
Cocks In Frocks 10
Cocks In Frocks 15 - My Granny is a Trannie
Cocks In Frocks 2
Cocks In Frocks 3
Cocks In Frocks 9
Cocks In Frocks
Enslaved Sissy Maid 2
Enslaved Sissy Maid 3
Enslaved Sissy Maid 4
Enslaved Sissy Maid
eXtreme Tgirl 2
eXtreme Tgirl 3
eXtreme Tgirl 4
eXtreme Tgirl
Forced Womanhood 4
Fucked By A Tranny
Her Cock Is Bigger Than Mine! 2
Her Cock Is Bigger Than Mine! 3
Her Cock Is Bigger Than Mine!
Her Pole His Hole Vol.4
Her Pole His Hole Vol.6
Italia In Trans (II)
My Peachy Keen Tranny
Naughty Transsexual Nurses
OMG! I Fucked A Tranny!
Pussy On A Stick
She-Male Encounters #10 - She-Male Vacation
She-Male Encounters #16 - She-Male Sanitarium
She-Male Encounters #17 - She-Male Sorority
She-Male Encounters #18 - Murder She Male Wrote
She-Male Sex Clinic
She-Male Street Walkers
She-Male Strokers 9
She-Male Suck Queens
Shemale Fetish Extreme
Shemale Foreman
Shemale Yum Presents Hot & Sweaty Black T-Girls
Squirt Goes The Tranny
T Girl Hotties 2
T-Girl Hotties Vol.3
Tranny Hunter #2
Tranny Hunter #3
Tranny Hunter #4
Tranny Hunter #5
Tranny Hunter #6
Tranny Hunter #7
Tranny Hunter
Tranny Watch
Trans Animal - Trans Dog Lover
Trans Diary - Nice And Horny
Trans Diary - The Shemale Crew
Trans Sex - Trans Animal Sluts
Transex Of Brazil
Transexual Trio 14
Transsexual Babysitters 3
Transsexual Divas 13
Transsexual Divas 14
TV Dildo Fantasy Part 2
TV Phone Sex
Welcome To Kylie's World
Wild SheMales of Brazil Vol.2
Wild SheMales of Brazil Vol.3

Bio corrected for Kelly Michaels and Hime Tsukino.
Movies added or corrected:
Brazilian Travestis - Sem LImite
Cocks in Frocks 11
Discovering the 3rd Sex
Donne Di Sera Bel Cazzo Si Spera
Hotel Trannie
Mondo Extreme 59 - Girly Men
Never Knowing
She Male Adventures 3
She Male Sex Pistols At The Rock Hard Cafe 6
She-Male Affairs #3
Steel Garters
Stick Pussy
Trannie World XXX Tour 7
Transsexual Sluts in Action volume two
Transsexual Submission volume 3

Movies added or corrected:
Extasy Trans
Italian She Male volume 1
Italian She Male volume 10
Italian She Male volume 11
Italian She Male volume 12
Italian She Male volume 13
Italian She Male volume 14
Italian She Male volume 15
Italian She Male volume 16
Italian She Male volume 17
Italian She Male volume 18
Italian She Male volume 19
Italian She Male volume 2
Italian She Male volume 20
Italian She Male volume 21
Italian She Male volume 22
Italian She Male volume 23
Italian She Male volume 24
Italian She Male volume 25
Italian She Male volume 3
Italian She Male volume 4
Italian She Male volume 5
Italian She Male volume 6
Italian She Male volume 7
Italian She Male volume 8
Italian She Male volume 9
Notti in Trans a Las Vegas
Olocausto Transexual
Triple New Half

Added a new Japanese girl, Rio Kusakabe.

Movies added or corrected:
Beautiful Trannie
Drag Queen Boulevard
Fuck Holes Vol.73 - TV Idols
Hard Hat She Males
Internet She Males
Jailhouse Tranny
Kitt Foxx Is... Queen For A Day
Matching Trannies
Million Dollar Tranny
Next Day Tranny
Randy She Males
Recipe For A Transsexual
She Male Bake Off
She Male CEO
She Male Dildos
She Male Disaster
She Male Dominatrix
She Male E-Mail
She Male Interns
She Male PMS
She Male Pom Pom Girls
She Male Swat Team
She Males And Dildos
She-Male Debutantes
She-Male Strokers
Shemale Enslaved 2
Shemale Foreman
Shemale Novelties
Teenage Transsexual Nurses
Teenage Transsexuals #11
The Little Orphan Tranny
Tied, Trained & Transformed 2
Trannie Construction Workers
Trannie Get Your Gun
Trannie Hides The Cigar
Trannie Interrupted
Trannie Is A Bisexual
Trannie Maid Service
Trannie Toys
Tranny Of The Year
Tranny On The Ropes
Tranny Relationships
Tranny Spanking Fantasies
Tranny USA
Transsexual Bondage 2
Transsexual Bondage
Transsexual Dream girls #10
Transsexual Dungeon Play
Transsexual Private Eye
Transsexual Slumber Party
Transsexual Sluts in Action volume three
Transsexual Sole Searchers
TS Foot Fetish
TV Dildo Fantasy
Vegas Trannies
Viva Las Trannies

Merged all movies from distributors "Boy Chick Productions"/"Guy Gal Video"/"Stick Pussy Productions"/"He Girl Video" under"Male Media One".

Added Sofia Santos & Kylie Love.

Movies added or corrected:
Arschkanal Transenfick
Black Tranny Whackers 4
Black Transsexual Beauty Queens #1
International Hot Team 13 - Passioni Trans
Italian She Male volume 21
Little Asian TransSexuals #6
Miss She Male America 2
SheMale Sextravaganza
Tranny Of The Year
Trans Action
Trans fickt Trans
Transexual Cock Fights Round 2 - Thailand VS Brazil
Transexual Cock Fights Round 3 - Thailand VS Brazil
Transsexual Prostitutes 48
Up Close And Virtual With Vaniity

Added Marianna Cordoba.

I had a suspicion that Blue Pictures releases where actually releases for the English market of original Brazilian releases.
For instance, Brazilian Travestis - Sexo Aquatico (Brasileirinhas) is the same as She-Male Pool Orgy (Blue Pictures).
This means that most, if not all Blue Pictures releases will have to be checked for their Brazilian counterpart, in order to avoid doubles.

Movies added or corrected:
Arschkanal Transenfick
Brazilian She-Males - Casual Affairs
Brazilian Travestis - Sexo Aquatico
Contos de Bianca
Hot Brazilian She-Males II
Hot Brazilian She-Males
Hung Like A Whore #6
Olocausto Transexual
She Male Fuck Hotel
She-Male Pool Orgy
T Girl Whores
Trans... Culi... aperti !!!
Transsexual Beauty Queens 16
Transsexual Beauty Queens Unleashed #8
Transsexual Dream Girls #8
Transsexual Dream girls #9
Transsexual Dream Girls 11
Transsexual Rain Forrest
Wide Open Trans Asses

Added Gabriela Martins.

Added in TSgirls with Females: (thanks Ricardo Noel)
Desire Moore with Yasmin Lee in "Transsexual Gang Bangers 12"
Cindy Crawford with Johanna Bardin in "Transsexual Gang Bangers 13"
Cindy Crawford with Danielle Foxx in "Transsexual Gang Bangers 13"

Added Monik Lorran. (I should thank poppa indirectly for this update)

Currently 2251 Movies/references in database.
If catching up will be a priority I will have to cut short on giving credits. Thanks for every update, but sorry, it takes too much time to credit everyone in addition.
I usually try to research every update, so you can imagine the time it all takes.
Corrections, additions for the following movies:
Absolute Domy
Casais Anais 2
Delinquente Anal
Escolinha da Morgana
Garoto De Programa
House Of She-Males 5
Italian She Male volume 6
She Male Fuck Hotel
She Male Samba Mania 11
She Said Blow Me 4
Snoodling with Transsexuals #2
Summer Girls ... and Some Are Not!
T-Girl City 3
Teenage Transsexual Nurses 7
Tight Tranny Ass #1
Tight Tranny Ass #2
Tight Tranny Ass #3
Tight Tranny Ass #4
Tight Tranny Ass #5
Tight Tranny Ass #6
Tight Tranny Ass #7
Trans... Culi... aperti !!!
Transexual Trio 11
Transsexual Extreme 3
Transsexual Gang Bangers 13
Transsexual POV 6
Up Close And Virtual With Gia Darling

Added more movies for Vicki Richter. (contributed by Vicki)
Added bio-correction for Anna Alexandre. (contributed by Jimmy)
Changed nationality for Alexia Nogueira and added for some others, all Brazilian. (contributed by yummi)
Carla(2) who was MIA06, will probably be reverted back to MIA-status following some info I received. She could be known as Maricella Diaz, Claudia and Suzy Q. Unfortunately I was unable thus far to find info for both of these names in regard to movies she could have done. (contributed by Ragen)
Added other updates for which I thank everyone, but too much to credit.

Now I'm off trying to catch up on other updates.

Added Benneton. (contributed by BillW)
Added Raquel Dourado. (contributed by Ramffiss)
MIA02 has been reverted back to unknown status, instead of Kelly Michaels, after some informative mails.

Added Bio-info(Post-Op) for Jaded Jennifer. (contributed by BaH1428)
Added Bruna Backer. (contributed by BillW)

Added. (contributed by BillW)
- Elisangela Marques -> Transsexual Debutantes Vol.2
- Dayane Callegare -> Ultimate T-Girl 4
Carolina + Filmography.

I apologize for not returning mails or adding updates, but I took some time off from TSdB in order to gain some new motivation.
Updates will start again.

Added in Female Pornstars who performed with Transsexuals: (contributed by SeveyTM)
- Taija Rae & Dana Douglas Mardi Gras Passions
- Cody Nicole & Carnal Candy She-male Encounters 1

Added "Trans Obsessions". (contributed by USDTA)

Added for Sheylla Alves. (contributed by BillW)
- Transsexual Streetwalkers
- Cum Sucking She-Males #2
Added Samantha di Piacci + Filmography.

Added TS-girls (added by Cameron)
- Agatha Freire
- Amanda Taylor

Added in Female Pornstars with TS, Kira Rodriguez & Allenina in "Lesbian She Males". (contributed by Lanier Turner)
Updated bio for Kalena Rios. (contributed by gepeto SPO Brazil)
"Transformed #2" = "Italia Trans A Rio". (contributed by Sirtqawwed)
Added aka for Niki. (contributed by Odelay)

As a result of using Product Codes, I have added these also in the Filmography. They are not always available though.

Added Megumi Teranishi and a Lucy Liu lookalike, Reona Kanzaki. The resemblance is stunning.

Added Aline Fontinelly.

As far as the Japanese movies is concerned, I have dropped the translated title and replaced it by the product code. So, unless there is no English title on the cover it is better suited to use that and since the Japanese are very punctual in the use of Product Codes, there will be no problem.
Try using the product code in Google. Unless the movie is very recent, you will quickly find a reseller.
I've also added new movies in the Filmography of Hime Tsukino. Talk about a productive girl. 16 Movies in 2006 and already 5 this year.

Added Jhoanny Wilker, Camilla Queen, Larissa Luckesi. No movies known to me for Larissa Luckesi, but I'm sure she must have performed in some. Tell me if you know.

I have added a bunch of rare movies, from which I don't know if they aren't released under another name.
Go... Go! Trans/Trans di Campagna il Cazzo ci Guadagna/Trans Re di Bastoni/Fottutissimo Trans. Distributed by Thomax.

Trans Diary - Hard And Horny/Trans Diary - Just For You/Trans Diary - Just For You Darling/Trans Diary - Male Or Female/Trans Diary - Nice And Horny/Trans Diary - Shemale Dream/Trans Diary - Take My Ass/Trans Diary - The Shemale Crew/TransSex - A Different World/TransSex - Big Tit Shemales/TransSex - Bihind Closed Doors/TransSex - Calling Shemales/TransSex - Deep In The Jungle/TransSex - Hot Ass Sluts/TransSex - Hotel Meeting/TransSex - Rio Cats/TransSex - Shemale And Female Delight/TransSex - Shemale Babes/TransSex - Shemale Female Orgy/TransSex - Shemales Paradise/TransSex - Shemale Summer Orgy/TransSex - Shemales & Females/TransSex - Shemales In Action/TransSex - Shemales Under Fire/TransSex - Sticky Holes/TransSex - Three & Easy/TransSex - Trans Ass Stories/TransSex - Trans Life/TransSex - Welcome To My Ass/Transotic - Tell Me What You Like/Transotic - Big and Thick/Transotic - Carol The King Size Cock/Transotic - Erotic Silicones/Transotic - Front and Back/Transotic - High Risk/Transotic - Married Trannies/Transotic - Party Dolls/Transotic - Play With Beauties/Transotic - Transaffairs. Distributed by Book and Film International.

Added Sheylla Alves. If anyone have some good pictures of her for a facial and bodyshot, please send.
Added Agatha de Melo. (contributed by Paulo Ferreira)

Some bio-updates.
Domynyk has had surgery to become a full Postop-woman. Lisa Lawer has reverted to Male status to be able to marry a distant cousin. That was already put in the news-section but not in the Biography. (contributed by Cameron)
Victoria Saenz is also known as Camilla Saenz. (contributed by ZenX)

Another sad update. Anna Alexandre aka Madison died as the results of a car accident in Orlando, Florida, USA on 21/02/07. RIP. (contributed by Steven-trannylover_york)
More on this on the Hungangels forum.

Added "T-Girl Mania Volume 18"/"T-Girl Mania Volume 19"/"T-Girl Mania Volume 7"/"T-Girl Mania Volume 25". (contributed by Christian)
Added "T-Girl Mania Volume 12" (contributed by rasta). Comment: I suspect, these are compilations or rereleases.
Added "Transsexual Babysitters 2" (contributed by poppa)
Added "Corrupted By Justine Joli"/"Ultimate Texan Shemale Kourtney" (contributed by Wendy Williams)

Added "Hung like A Whore #5"/"She-Male XTC". (contributed by poppa)
Added "T-Girl Mania Volume 9"/"T-Girl Mania Volume 18". (contributed by Christian)

Added for Kalena Rios: Transsexual Glamor Girls 12/Your Virtual She-Male/House Of She-Males 4/She Male Samba Mania #28/Dr. Fanny Nurse Tranny/Transsexual Carnival - Direct from Rio!/Gang Banged By Transsexuals 2/Transsexual Swingers 2/She-Male Nest/Planet Giselle Episode 5. ( contributed by Sirtqawwed, Acrobutt)

I'm very behind with updates, but I hope to catch up on some, sorry.
Added Milena Vendramine. (contributed by Clark Devlin)
Bebe = Monica, so I've removed Monica and merged the movie-list to Bebe. (contributed by Cameron)
Added for Kalena Rios: Boneka Safada Sonhando Acordada/Bonekas na Eskola/She-Male Me Do It!/Trans Lover 2/Transexual Trio 14 (contributed by Sirtqawwed, Acrobutt, Max)
More updates soon.

Added a Homepage-link for Mirella.
Added Profondo Trans (ATV). (contributed by Sirtqawwed)

"Extasy Trans" (Pink'o) = "A Endiabrada" (Sutra). (contributed by basil)
"Engel Mit Schwengeln" (Goldlight) = "Italian She Male volume 14" (Pink'o). (contributed by basil)
"Rocco's Big Mess" (Evil Angel Video) = "Rocco, Fiche E... Trans" (Sexxx Label). (contributed by basil)
"Italian She Male volume 18" (Pink'o) = "Rosetten Spezialisten" (Goldlight) / "Gia Darlings Italian Transsexual Job #3" (Avalon). (contributed by basil)

Removed "PECCATI DI GOLA" since it is the same as "International Hot Team 12 - Peccati Di Gola" (Salieri) for Karol Bonkar. (contributed by basil)

Vicki Richter in "Up Close and Virtual with Vicki Richter" (Devil's Films). (contributed by poppa)
"Italian She Male volume 8" (Pink'o) = "Trans Power" (Goldlight). (contributed by basil)
"A Caccia Di Transex" with Juliana Nogueira, Suzy, Mikila, Gabriela Silva, Shayenne. (contributed by lolozack)
"Italian She Male volume 15" (Pink'o) = "Von Der Transe Gefickt" (Goldlight). (contributed by Sirtqawwed)
Added Alessia Olive. (contributed by Sirtqawwed)
Renamed Onjuilic in Onjulic + added Homepage. (contributed by aguest)

Added Kalena Rios. (contributed by kyle angelini). More filmography additions later.

Bianca Freire in "Transsexual Penetrator Vol 6" (Robert Hill Releasing Co.). (contributed by poppa)
Bianca Carvalho in "Your Ass Is Mine Punk!" (Jake Steed's Productions). (contributed by basil)
Updated tatoo-info for Cristina Bianchini. (contributed by Anastacia)
Isabella Branco in "Fuck My Young Transsexual Ass" (Acid Rain). (contributed by Anastacia)
Gracy Ohara in "Secrets Of Sao Paulo 8" (Robert Hill Releasing Co.). (contributed by Clark Devlin)
Sabrina De Paulo in "Fick mich, Kollege!" (Goldlight 2006). (contributed by Christian)
Sara Shiva in "SHE-MALES INVADE ITALY!" (Evil Angel Video). (contributed by basil)
"Schwanz Ladies" (Goldlight) = "Italian She Male volume 13" (Pink'o). (contributed by basil)
"Die Mannfrau Transen" (Goldlight) = "Italian She Male volume 12" (Pink'o). (contributed by basil)

Catching up on previous updates in the next few days.
Camilla De Castro in "Try A Tranny Vol.3" (Elegant Angel). (contributed by Sirtqawwed)
Kananda Hickman in "Trans X 15" (Sineplex). (contributed by Sirtqawwed)
Pasha = Serena Saunders in "She-Male Confidential" (Metro). (contributed by T Oracle)
Victoria Saenz in "Transsexual POV 7" (Devil's Films). (contributed by Claude)

Added Gleice Kelly + bio + Filmography. (contributed by Clark Devlin)

Added Gracy Ohara + bio + Filmography. (contributed by Clark Devlin)
Added Natassia Dreams + bio + Filmography. (contributed by Clark Devlin)

Natascha Dummond in "Try A Tranny Vol.3" (Elegant Angel). (contributed by Sirtqawwed)
Bianca Freire in "T-Girl Fever 2" (Pandemonium). (contributed by poppa)
Wendy Williams/Kourtney in "Wendy's Wild Shemales #6" (Avalon). (contributed by poppa)
Bianca Carvalho/Julia in "A Trans Named Desire" (Evil Angel Video). (contributed by basil)
Gina in "Transsexual MADAM" (Avalon). (contributed by basil)
Erica, not Amber Vaughn in "She Male Sex Pistols At The Rock Hard Cafe 2" (Androgeny). (contributed by basil)
Erica, not Amber Vaughn in "She Male Sex Pistols At The Rock Hard Cafe 3" (Androgeny). (contributed by basil)
Erica, not Amber Vaughn in "Transsexual Beauty Queens 17" (Androgeny). (contributed by basil)
Erica, not Amber Vaughn in "Transsexual Centerfolds 5" (Androgeny). (contributed by basil)
Not Erica in "TGirl Fantasies Vol. 3" (Don Goo). (contributed by basil)
Erica not in "Italian She Male volume 8" (Pink'o). (contributed by basil)
Giselle Lins in "Transsexual Heart Breakers 19" (Avalon). (contributed by basil)
Giselle Lins in "Shemale Sluts & Sweethearts #2" (SMP International). (contributed by basil)
Giselle Lins in "Transposed 10" (Elegant Angel). (contributed by basil)
Alanda Dumont in "Italian She Male volume 13" (Pink'o). (contributed by basil)
Mary Ann in "Transsexual Prostitutes 33" (Devil's Films). (contributed by Clark Devlin/Deelite)
Isabella Branco in "Brazilian She-Males - Size Matters" (Sunshine). (contributed by lolozack)
For movies who where not already marked as such, I gave all "Transsexual Beauty Queens Superstars" & "Transsexual Beauty Queens Unleashed"-titles the Compilation status. (contributed by basil)

Vo D'Balm in "TGirl Fantasies Vol.10" (BTG Entertainment). (contributed by poppa)
Meghan Chavalier in "Transsexual Beauty Queens Unleashed #6" (Avalon). contributed by poppa)
Rogeria in "She-Males Hardons - No Limits" (Sunshine). (contributed by Anastacia)
Rogeria in"Transactifs! 2 Paquera Transsexual" (DMV). (contributed by Anatacia)
Bianca Carvalho in "Trans X 7" (Sineplex Entertainment). (contributed by basil)
Bianca Carvalho in "Transsexual Heart Breakers 29" (Avalon). (contributed by basil)
Bianca Carvalho in "She Male Samba Mania 14" (Avalon). (contributed by basil)
Bianca Carvalho in "She Male Samba Mania 15" (Avalon). (contributed by basil)
Bianca Carvalho in "Ladies are Gentlemen" (Ducati Productions). (contributed by basil)
Sheeba aka Christy in "Transsexual Prostitutes 27" (Devil's Films). (contributed by Clark Devlin)
Nicki aka Dayna. (contributed by Clark Devlin)
Elisangela Marques in "She-Male Pool Orgy" (Blue Pictures). (contributed by Anatacia)
Elisangela Marques in "99% Woman" (Blue Pictures). (contributed by Anastacia)
Priscilla Dandera in "Shemales who have big cocks" --> I won't add this one because I try to avoid compilations for now.
Bianca Freire in "T-Girls Gone Wild 2" (Robert Hill Releasing Co.). (contributed by Spedius)
To anna concerning Aisa-update "Italian Transsexual Job 2" see 27/11/2006. Also, your reply-email is not valid.
Confirmed birthyear and added birthplace for Giselle. (contributed by M. Loera)
Ana Paula Botelho in "Enchendo a Mão". (contributed by lolozack)

Sharon Lopez in Cumshots! (Grooby).(contributed by poppa)
Miriany Ribeiro in "I Touch Myself Tgirls" (Pandemonium). (contributed by poppa)
Sabrina[2] in "Transsexual Prostitutes 45" (Devil's Films). (contributed by lordbyron)
Cristina Biancini is post-op. (contributed by Anastacia)

Added Kayla Starr. (contributed by Spedius/Kayla Starr)

Cristina Bianchini + Carla Fael in "She-Males Hardons - Screw Me Please!' (Sunshine) (contributed by Anastacia)
Added Camila Lins. (contributed by T Oracle and this Hungangels topic)

Sharon Lopez in "A Trans Named Desire" (Evil Angel Video). (contributed by poppa)
Sharon Lopez in "Transsexual Barebackin' It 7" (Robert Hill Releasing Co.). contributed by poppa)
Victoria Saenz in "House Of She-Males 3" (Evil Angel Video) (contributed by tozsi)
Lucimara in "She Male Samba Mania 8" (Avalon) (contributed by lolozack/Anastacia)
Lucimara in "Secrets Of Sao Paulo 2" (Robert Hill Releasing Co.) (contributed by lolozack)
Cristina Bianchini in "She-Males Hardons - Dial ''M'' To Come" (Sunshine) (contributed by Anastacia)
Lucimara in "Hidden Persuation" (Wildlife Productions) (contributed by lolozack/Anastacia)
Lucimara in "Big Tit Transsexuals 3" (The Agency) (contributed by Anastacia)
Lana Woods in "Maximum Perversum - Extrem Pervers" (Videorama). (contributed by Sirtqawwed)

Added Tasha Jones. (contributed by Tasha Jones)

"Gia Darlings Italian Transsexual Job #2" = "Italian She Male volume 16". (contributed by Spedius)
Added Aisa. (contributed by Spedius)

Added Lucimara.

To everyone who tried to contact me through the hotmail-link on the MIA-page. It seems that I forgot to change my old E-mail address. This is now corrected.
So, if you can remember what you wrote to me, please resend. Contact is on the introduction-page, among others.

The following contributions where made by Spedius.
"She Male Suckfest" from Caffe Italia = "Italian She Male 13" from Pink'o.
"Shemale Alumni" & "Trannie vs Trannie" = Italian She Male 4".
Added "Rogue Adventures #29".

Giselle Lins also plays in "She Male Slumber Party". (contributed by Tobi)

Added Farrah Mills. (contributed by Farrah Mills)

Added "He She Highway 5" for Cris D'Hulg. (contributed by unreal61)
Added "SUSANNA Ma Che CANNA" for Ana Paula Botelho. (contributed by Spedius)

Added "ANNA donna con la CANNA" for Ana Paula Botelho. (contributed by Spedius). The first person to use the new update system.
As a small bonus I've added a small picture in the Filmography submission-page in case the contributor, being on the update-page forgets for wich performer he's doing an update.

Added the possibility to submit corrections for the Filmographies, just like on or
I don't know what to expect, but if I get some results I may expand it to other pages.

Metropolis is the Distributor/Studio for the Transsexual movie releases from Heatwave Raw, so I've merged them all under HR.
The same seems to be true for Macho Man! and Legend, so I will probably merge them also.

Updated bio-info for Roberta Cavalcante. (contributed by Santi)
Added Another Patricia, Patricia[2]. (contributed by A. Wachowsky)

If you click on the headshot on the filmography you will get back to the biographical-page.
I only wonder who will click there, it sure seem's like a hidden link, doesn't it.
The Movielist for the Distributors is now in HTML. Clicking the movie-title will get you to the moviepage.
BTW, movies with a '#' in the name will not link correctly. I forgot that you have to generate the ASCII-HEX-code so HTML can understand the link.
I'll fix that on another day.
Added the following Distributors. (Totalling 75)

- Evil Angel Video
- Gentlemen's Video
- Sunshine
- Androgeny
- Robert Hill Releasing Co.
- Bizarre Video
- Elegant Angel
- Don Goo
- Channel 69
- Colossal Entertainment
- Blue Pictures
- Exquisite Pleasures
- Heatwave Raw
- Boss Film
- Bacchus
- The Agency
- Goldlight
- Brasileirinhas
- Sexsites Editorial
- Vivid
- Leisure Time
- Legend
- Metropolis
- Acid Rain
- Altered State Productions
- Anabolic
- Blue Coral
- All Worlds
- Caballero
- Video Team
- Leoram
- Executive
- Jake Steed's Productions
- Jet Multimedia
- LA Video
- Zane
- Zaye Entertainment
- Sineplex Entertainment
- Maverick
- Evolution Erotica
- Scarlet Tower
- Seduction Enterprises
- Extreme Associates
- Sensorium
- Coffeehouse Films
- Cal Vista
- Dane
- Mancini Productions
- Hot Wendy Productions
- Emorex Productions
- Pink'o
- Metro
- CDI /* Cinderella Distributors Inc. */
- Gourmet
- Pleasure Productions
- 4-Play Video
- Vidco
- Avica Entertainment
- Midnight Mayhem
- Sin City
- Stallion Video
- Filmco
- Red Light District
- Wildlife Productions
- Underground Entertainment

I wrote a script to generate a textual movielist in function of the distributors/producers. Accordingly, I've adapted the script that generates the filmographies to links to these movielists.
You will easily recognise them, because the link is in red-bold. Anyhow, this is just a draft version, so expect a html-version in the future.
This will also be a visual tool for me to have a more uniform naming in the distributors-section.
BTW, the distributors/producers are limited for this moment to these 6. More will be added soon.
- Devil's Films
- Boy Chick Productions
- Guy Gal Video
- Stick Pussy Productions
- He Girl Video
- Avalon

Added bio-info for Nefertiti. (contributed by Necrosis)
Added Foxxy. (contributed by Matthew)
Added Simone Bucannon.

Added Dafney Sweet.

Added a heap of new movies.
But, aargh.., the horror of identifying new movies. Some explaining.
As you probably know apart from a few exceptions, most movies in this genre have a cast which is either not credited, badly credited or wrongly credited.
And then there is the phenomenon which only exists in the porn-industry, the compilation. You can easily accept that a movie from over 4 hours is a compilation.
But then again, there are compilations with the unique bonus-track. These are mostly "Best of" from a certain series.
Then you have the re-releasing of old movies, which where previously only available on video, all cleaned up and digitized, but sometimes they are not hesitant to change the title also.
Then you have the movies which where released for instance in Italy, also released in Germany with another title and from another distributor and also released in USA, also with a new title and another distributor.
With the popularity of this genre gaining in recent years, this problem seems to intensify. As you can imagine the filmographies must be quite erroneous.
So, if you see an error or can add some info, don't hesitate to let me know.

As a result of an identification request and some searching and feedback I could identify Deborah Faustini, so she is added. (with help from Marco)

A regrettable news-update. According to Seanchai an unconfirmed rumour about the death of Lisa Kage has been confirmed. Read it on the HungAngels-forum here.
Another fine girl passed away. RIP.

Added Erica.
Added Bianca Carvalho. (contributed by Odelay)

No new girls, except the proverbial Filmography updates. Too many to name.

As per request, added Lana Woods.

Added movies 'Transsexual Prostitutes 33' & 'She Male Fuck Hotel 3' to filmography of Sabrina[2]. (contributed by Laurent Bessac)
Shannon is also known as Catherine Crystal, so there will be some more movies added to her filmography under that name. (contributed by Gman)

Added Raquel Chambers.

Added Maryah.

Added Mary Ann.

Added entry in Females with TS-girls for Belladonna with Vicki Richter & Danielle Foxxx. (contributed by Vlado)
Added Sabrina[2]. (contributed by Laurent Bessac)

Added Movie "Deluscious 3" in Filmography of Tara Emory. (contributed by Jose)
Added entry in Females with TS-girls for Lyla Lei & Yasmin Lee. (contributed by Ricardo Noel)

The site was taken down by the web host, due to PHP-scripts overloading the hosting servers.
Sorry for the misleading error-message when opening the site, but I was unable to put an other message up.
As a result I have disabled all PHP-scripts, to prevent this from happening again. Well, at least it's up again.

Updated bio info on Sasha Heveyn. (contributed by Spedius)

Updated info on Jada aka Sexxxy Jade. (contributed by Jada)
Renamed Nohealani in Yasmin Lee.
Updated Info on Bianca Freire. (contributed by Spedius)

Added Yuka & Nohealani.

Added Hime Tsukino.

Added Sara Shiva.

Added Karol Bonkar & a new movie (Lasciati Transportare) for Milena Ravache (contributed by Laurent Bessac)

Added new additions in Females with TS-girls section. (contributed by Joe Young)
Gia Regency with Gia Darling in "Transsexual Heart Breakers 6"
Nikki Darling with Gia Darling in "Transsexual Heart Breakers 14"
Nikki Darling with Vo D'Balm in "Transsexual Gang Bangers 7"
Joselyn Pink with Wendy Williams in "Wendy's Wild Shemales #5"
Desire Moore with Carmen Cruz in "Transsexual Gang Bangers 12"
Desire Moore with Danielle Foxxx in "Transsexual Gang Bangers 12"
Trinity Post with Carmen Cruz in "Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 11"
Trinity Post with Danielle Foxxx in "Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 12"

Converted a batch of movies to their compilation-status. To make it easier for the viewer, the Text '! COMPILATION !' is displayed in the movie-info.

Added Bruna Prado.

MIA11 identified as Bruna Requielly and added. AKA name Odaliz for Bebe added. (all contributed by sub zero)

So, there you have it, the statistical report should now give an accurate reflection of the unique performances.
For instance, Vo D'Balm had 120 movie's on her filmography, but on the statistical report there are 111, because 9 movie's are known to be a compilation, hence they are being grayed out on her filmography. There are probably many movie's which are compilations and are not grayed out, but that is because I don't know about it,... yet.

Added more new movies in the Filmographies.
Hard to the Touch (contributed by Randy)
Added corrections & 1 new movie for Eva Robin's. (contributed by gian-72)
Eva Man (Due Sessi In Uno)
Una Chica llamada Marylyne

This time I rewrote the script that generates the Filmographies. If a movie is a compilation, then it will be grayed out, example, Angel Harris.
The only problem is, which movie is a compilation and which one is not. So let me know, if you know, it will only make the database more accurate.
As a consequent step, I will use this data to give a better statistical report on performers in Movies. Future music.

Since Internet Explorer doesn't translate TAB's to 8 chars, I rewrote the script again, so everything in the Movie-files is now html.

Added Fernanda Keller.

This time a rather drastic update. In stead of displaying the Movie-info as a text file, I converted them all to HTML.

The following improvements should be visible:
A link to the Bio-page is displayed in the Moviefile for every cast-member that is on the database.
A Tooltip displays a headshot when hoovering your mouse over the link. That should make it easier to identify the cast, without referring back to the name in the index or the visual browser. This option is only available if javascript is enabled in your browser.

If anyone should spot discrepancies in the page, like cut off text, wrong face for the name etc.., let me know.
As usual, everything was generated through a script, but I am unable to check all 1825 Moviepages for errors, so I'm counting on some feedback.
If you think this is a big improvement, ..or not then let me know also.

Added Niki & Destiny. (contributed by Odelay)

Updated info on Kimberly DeVine. (contributed by Line21vid)

Added corrections to Cristina Bianchini's Filmography. (contributed by A. Wachowsky)
Updated bio-info on Danielle Foxxx. (contributed by Andrew)
Renamed Angel in Paulina Carmody. (contributed by John Catsoulis)

Renamed Christina Bianchini in Cristina Bianchini and added 4 movies to her Filmography. (contributed by A. Wachowsky)
Brazilian Travestis - Fabiana No Cio
Brazilian Travestis - Time Break
The Copacabana She-Male Bride
Miss She-Male '99 Contest

Added Kourtney + corrections/additions in Filmography's of Wendy Williams, Holly Sweet, Gia Darling. (contributed by Wendy Williams)

Added 2 more movies in Filmography of Meghan Chavalier. (contributed by Wendy Williams)
Transsexual Submission
Groping America - Riding With The Train Gang

Added 1 movie in Filmography of Eva Ciccone. (contributed by Texxx)
Sotto il vestito ...molto

After a long search I could identify Eva Ciccone and thus added her. (with the help of Laurent Bessac, John Clarke, Texxx)
I only need confirmation if she also plays in "L'amore trans...dotto" from Boss Film.

Added 2 new entries to filmography of Roberta Cavalcante. (contributed by Laurent Bessac)
Barely Female Totally She-Male Vol.6
Miss Trans 2003

Added Paulette Lawer.

New additions on the TS-girls with Female Pornstars pages. (contributed by Joe Young)
Belladonna with Vanity in "Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 3 Part 2"
C.J. Bennett with Danielle Chambers in "Spare Parts" (Different scene from Shemale Turmoil)
Gia Regency with Shana in "Transsexual Gang Bangers 8"
Jessica Loveit with Joanna Jet in "Joanna Jet's Vacation"
Nikki Darling with Vo D'Balm in "Filthy Shemale Sluts"
Sandie Caine with Joanna Jet in "Shemale Jet Set #4"
Sharon Kane with Kelly Michaels in "Transsexual Fantasies"

Added Roberta Cavalcante.

Added Camila Sampaio.

Info updated on Meghan Chavalier. (contributed by Line21vid)

Added Baby Doll.

Added Patricia Bismark.

Added Bianca Freire. (contributed by Laurent Bessac)
Added Thais Anderson. (contributed by John Bell)

Updated info in the biographical data of Lisa Lawrence & Olivia Love. (contributed by Line21vid)

Added "Transexual Trio 7" in Filmography of Andrea De Oliveira. (contributed by Laurent Bessac)

Some corrections & additions in "TS-girls with Girls"-page. (contributed by You Young)
Sharon Kane with Gina in "Transparent"
C.J. Bennett with Kelly Michaels in "Guess Again"

Added movie "Transexual Trio 7" in Filmography from Giselle Davila. (contributed by Laurent Bessac)

Juliana Di Primie has changed her name in Juliana di Primo & has her own website now. (contributed by aguest)

Added Fernanda Zocal & Adriana Brazil.
Added movie "Brazilian She-Males - The Photographer". (contributed by Laurent Bessac)
Added Filmography for Victoria Saenz.
I have reallocated more MBs to my current webspace. I hope this will solve the problems in the statistical visitor-data.
Thanks Newsguy, for this option.

No new girls. Only the proverbial new filmography-updates.

Added Camila Ribeiro.

New additions on the TS-girls with Female Pornstars pages. (contributed by Joe Young)

Aretuza with Dany(elle) Evangelista - Luxurious
Deja Daire with Vaniity - Trantastic
Isis Fischer with Dany(elle) Evangelista - Sluts With Nuts 2
Jessica Darlin with Vaniity - Rogue Adventures 18
Roxy Jezel with Vaniity - Trantastic

Added "Lentes do Prazer"-movie in Filmography of Rogeria and Dany Evangelista. (contributed by Laurent Bessac)


New additions on the TS-girls with Female Pornstars pages. (contributed by Joe Young)

Kate Frost with Barbie Woods - Transsexual Heart Breakers 7
Ariana Jollee with Danielle Foxxx - All American She-Male Road Trip 9
Christie Lee with Danielle Foxxx - Big Ass She-Male Road Trip 8
Cindy Crawford with Carmen Cruz - Trantastic
Dana Vespoli with Johanna Bardin - Trantastic
Gia Regency with Brandy Scott and Barbie Woods - Transsexual Gang Bangers 8
Jessica Jewel with Brandy Scott, Vanity, Shana and Olivia Love - Transsexual Gang Bangers 4
Lena Ramone with Sylvia Boots, Vo D'Balm and Vicki Richter - Transsexual Gang Bangers 9
Sharon Kane with Kimberly Devine - Transparent
Sharon Kane with Olivia Love

Added Marjorye Romao.
Added a link to the complete movielist, which currently covers 1664 movies.

Added Gisella Davila. (contributed by Laurent Bessac)

Next to the invisible additions from myself to the Filmographies, here are some new ones, all contributed by Laurent Bessac.

Camila Costa Filmography additions:
Pretty Girls With Big Dicks.
She-Male Supermodel Fernanda Lima.

Rogeria Filmography & bio-additions:
Brazilian She-Males - Anal Specialist.
Transposed 4 Brasilian Butt Boy.
Secrets Of Sao Paulo 6.
She-Males Hardons - Gabrielly The Cock Princess.

I believe MIA11 is sometimes credited as Bruna, but that's not completely sure.

Earlier I mentioned that the Bio-Page-Stats-script didn't work anymore because of the heavy load it caused on the server.
I made a work-around, so it should work again.
You will probably see some blank lines at first, but this should be automatically resolved in time.
Has to do with an unique visit that has to be added to the counter.

Added Rafaely Dubenstay. Also, check the MIA-page and see if you can identify MIA11.

More additions on the TS-girls with Female Pornstars pages. (contributed by Joe Young)

Gia Regency with Danielle Chambers - Summer Girls, Some Are Not # 2
Gia Regency with Alisa - Summer Girls, Some Are Not # 3
Lena Ramone with Vo D'Balm also in Summer Girls, Some Are Not # 3
Desire Moore with Carmen Cruz - Transsexual Prostitutes 35
Dana Vespoli with Vanity - Rogue Adventures 27
Joselyn Pink with Vicki Richter - also in Rogue Adventures 27

Added Gabriela Silva & Eduarda Guimaraes.

Having had a rather unpleasant personal experience, a morbid thought crossed my mind.
What if I should be hit by a truck an get killed, would this site continue to get visits an live on a few more years.
I wonder how many free sites are there around, for instance on Yahoo, that suddenly stopped getting updated, because of this.
The only visible sign would be that updates are a thing of the past and mails stay unanswered.
That would be a ghost-site then.

Added Kananda Hickman. (contributed by sirtqawwed)

Added a creation timestamp to the Filmography-pages.

Added website-link and some more biographical info for Andrea Mel and tattoo-info for Rafaela Sanches, Yasmine Rios & Duda Little. (contributed by Baldwin)

My main PC is back in for reparation (again!!) since 24/02.
Anyhow, there will be no new updates or additions until I get it back. Patience..

Added Filmography for Nicoly Kid.
Added Juliana Arauja.

It seemed that Lisa Lawer has converted from a shemale back to a male!! (contributed by Luca).
I have consulted a few sources and it seems that this is true.
I found this hard to believe..., but anything is possible.
I ask myself the following question. Did she/he do it for the money (acting as a TS), or was there an implicit reason why she converted back?
She/He has married to a girl, so that could be a good incentive.

Renamed Cleo in Nomi X, since that is the name she is credited in, in most of her Films.
Added Andrea De Oliveira.

Added a field in the Filmography that represents the running time of the movie.

Added many new movies in the Filmographies. Added Filmography for Bruna Lee.

New additions on the TS-girls with Female Pornstars pages. (contributed by Joe Young)
Eve Eden with Saskya - Transsexual Beauty Queens # 19
Renee Pornero with Sarah Sin - Rogue Adventures # 23
Jordan Haze with Carmen Cruz - Tranny Hunter # 1
Lena Ramone with Joanna Jet - Brazen Shemales

Added Miriany Ribeiro.

Renamed Allanah Star in allanah Starr. Added new picture for Allanah Starr + additions to her filmography. (contributed by Allanah Starr)
Identified MIA10 as Nicoly Kid and added her. Did she do any movies?

Added 'Touched By A She-Male' in Filmography of Bianca Soares. (contributed by Alain Durand)

Added Lustina. (contributed by Adam)

The Bio-Page-Stats-php-script does not work anymore, because of the heavy load it causes on the host-server, hereby exceeding the time-limit of 30 seconds to generate the statistics. I will try to find a work-a-round for this problem.

Added Sara Saad & Sabrina Sherman.
Updated Filmographies for "Planet Giselle"-series. (contributed by Ariel Garcia)

Added another one to round up the year, Chris D'Hulg.
Also, please take a look at the Missing In Action-girls, and see if you known MIA10 or any of the other ones who are still unknown.
Let's hope the next year will be as productive for updates as this one was, although I doubt it.

Added Suzy (see 14/04/2005), aka Boneka Suzy, not to be confused with Boneca Suzy, which is another girl.
Pictures are allmost impossible to find from this, IMO, gorgeous girl, hence the low quality of the face & bodyshot.
If you have more & better pics, let me know.

Renamed Monica in Monica Kicelly. Renamed Monica(3) in Monica. Added Filmography for Debora Lancaster.

Added Ayelen.

Corrected an error in the php-script that was limiting the size of the counter.

Added Michelle(2).

Poll closed. Updated bio for Tara Emory (contributed by Joe).

Added bio for Holly (contributed by C2GKLPDB70).

Back from work. Updated website and bio-info for Monica Foxx. (contributed by C2GKLPDB70).
PHP-engine is running again.
MIA02 identified as a young Kelly Michaels. (Contributed by John Adams).

Computer is repaired, but now I have to go away for work for about a week. I'ts seems the PHP-engine on the host is dead, so no polls or counters are available at the moment.

What, nothing new. No sir. I was just in the middle of researching some more movies, when my computer decided it had enough, so it laid itself to rest, without any prior conscient. So, I have carried the poor machine back to the repair-shop (while its still under garanty); in the hope they can put some new life into it.
Having learnt a lesson from a previous experience (see 10/05/2005 below), I've bought a new HD, formatted it and sowed it in, while cutting out all other mass-storage-media..
In the suddenly appeared extra time, I've installed the latest Mepis (a Debian-Linux-derivant) to my other computer.What fun that was, haha.

I have added an extra button, that links to a poll and statistics-page. Refresh your browser to get the new buttons.

If you want to participate in this simple Poll, then please do. The poll will be closed in about a month. If you want to see the provisional results you will have to vote, it will only lead to a more accurate result, and thanks in advance if you do vote.
As for the author of this excellent poll-script. visit his site here.

Code cleaned up. Counterstatistics now realtime generated.
Bárbara Kysivics will be renamed into Barbara Kysivics. Added Jada (Contributed by John DuPree).

This is my third day in PHP. and I borrowed some free code from other authors, mixed it together and mostly got what I was looking for, namely a flat horizontal statistic, from the unique-visitor-hits. Still has some errors in it, but when I'm sober an have time, I'll hope to clean them out. check it out here.

Counters on the bio-pages are now based on unique visitors, rather then on page reloads, making them more accurate.
Visitors can also check the counters because they are displayed as small indicators, below all the other data.

Inserted some basic PHP in the bio-pages. Just as a tool to have an idea witch pages get the most hits. Nothing visible for the user.
Maybe I can use it in the future to compile some statistical data. Actually, it's all experimental for the moment.

Added Barbara Bellucci.

Added Sharon Lopez.

Added Cristina Close. I also would like to add, there are now exactly 250 girls in the database.

Added Sasha Heveyn + bodyshot for Claudia Junior.

Added Julia, Saskya & Thays Dumont.

Added Rogeria.

Added Suzany Petrovyck (contributed by Pat B)

Added Barbie aka Mylady.

Renamed Monique in Monique Prado, so I could add another Monique.

Added Vanessa.

The people who have navigated on SearchExtreme allready know the nice pop-ups with images, which appear when you hoover your mouse over a name.
I wanted to have something similar on the Moviestats-page. It took me a day to find a decent java-script that could do the task for multiple browsers and a few hours to incorporate it in my MovieStats generator-ARexx-script.
Thumbs up for the Source-provider and the original author.

Also, I took the java-code and put into an external java-script and config-file, that way I can generate the data for the configfile with my ARexx-script.

So where is this feature available. Go to the html-Moviestats-page (Click the Moviereel-icon in the Visual-Brower section), or click ->
When you hoover your mouse over a name a small-popup-window (commonly known as a tooltip), should appear, containing a headshot of the respective girl.
I for one, find it extremely usefull. Let me know what you think about it. E-mail is on introduction-page.

Added Claudia Junior. No bodyshot available.

Added Camilla Prins.

Added Leticia Venturine.

Added Adriana Ventury.

Renamed Monica(2) in Monica Foxx + small informational updates.

Renamed Cassandra in Cassandra Del Rio and added a Filmography.

Added a new pairing in the TS & Girls section. Kate Frost & Barbie Woods. (contributed by Crimson Raider)

Added 3 more movies in the Filmography of Victoria Adams. (contributed by Crimson Raider)

I was allways interested in Retro-girl Suzy, but couldn't really find any information about her.
While I was looking through some Movie-covers, I noticed that it was her on the backcover of "Viva Vanessa The Undresser", credited as Angelique Ricard.
So there you have it. Suzy is now renamed in Angelique Ricard, with more movies in the Filmography.
I'm still looking for the covers of the following movies. If someone has them, please send them.
Nasty Habits 4-Play Video 1986
National Transsexual Gourmet 1990
She Studs 2 Bizarre
Takin` It To The Streets CDI 1987

Identified MIA09 as Patricia.

Added Camilli Rios & Fabiana Toledo.

Added Sierra Ferarro. Did she perform in any movies, if so let me know.

Some negative & sad news. Camilla De Castro has died of supposedly committing suicide. Open for further investigation.
Here's the article (G online).
Roughly translated.
Suicidal Travestite Camila de Castro jumps of building in São Paulo (27/07/2005)
It finished tragic the life of travesti Camila de Castro, 23 years, current protagonist of the picture "Camila wants to marry", of the Superpop program, shown for the RedeTV.
Castro committed suicide in the dawn of this Wednesday, the 27th day of July, at 5h30, jumping out of the window of the seventh floor of the building where she lived at in Roosevelt Square, in the center of São Paulo. According to Civil Policy, the travesti, whose Christian name was Alessandro Caetano Kothecnborger, was found naked.
Suicide is given credit, but the case was registered with indication by clarifying the accurate reason of the death.
(contributed & translated by an anonymous contributor).

MIA08 identified as Toni Tease. (contributed by xact)

Added Filmography for Tara Emory. (contributed by Joe)

Added Gabi.

Added Raquel Delite.

Added Suelen Ferrari (contributed by Fabrice).
Added an update about Vicki Richter on the "Girls & T-Girls"-page. (contributed by Vicky Richter).
I know that page is very incomplete, but it takes time to research everything, so if anyone has info, don't hesitate to mail it.

Added partial Filmography for Sabrina Hemolly & info I was forgotten for Shannon (thanks JW).

Added Sabrina Hemolly (contributed by Fabrice). Filmography will be added soon.

Added Tiana. I don't think she has done any movies yet, but I hope she does.
Added Penelope.
Added more Movies in the Filmographies.
It seems that Caballero released a whole assortment of so called "new movies".
Unfortunately these are all DVD-releases of old movies, mostly by Sunshine I think.
Instead of calling them compilation-releases with the correct information, they just give it a new name.
Although this is good for the collector who can't get his hands on the original movies and it's probably cheaper also, this complicates things for sorting things out.
I guess where going to see more and more of these compilations in the future.

Updated info on Wendy Williams, directly from the source (Thanks Wendy)

Added Victoria Saenz (contributed by Serena).

Added Cybelle.

Renamed Ivana in Ivana Diamonds + website-link (contributed by gian)

Added Victoria Adams.

Now the MovieStats are also available in html. While I'm in the mood of writing scripts, this one takes care of that.
On the Visual-browser click on the text 'Movie-Stats' to get the txt-format.
Click on the Movie-reel-symbol to get the html-format. With color-bars for better readability. Colors need some tweaking though, but thats for later.

MovieStats are now reachable via the Visual-browser page.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've added a script that compiles a statistical list from the number of times a girl performed or appeared in a movie.
Since I can not distinguish between unique performances and movies which include compilations, the data wil not allways be 100% correct.
As I add more movies the list will change. For now, the Nr. 1 active girl is Vo D'Balm.
I will adapt the list in the future from txt to html.

Added Wendy Williams.

Rewrote all missing scripts.
Maybe some data inconsistencies, which will be resolved in the next fews days.
Added a count next to the films in the filmography. Will use this to compile a stat-list.

System mostly ok. This week I wil start to synchronize the page-data with my local data.
Then we will see how soon I can rewrite the scripts.
I also bought an External USB-storage-case and a 200GB-drive as a backup-solution, to prevent what happened again, unless the house burns down.

Personal note to Handy Andy. Your E-mail reply address gives my an undeliverable error: User unknown in virtual mailbox table.
Can you contact me with another reply-address.

Attention: Last week my PC went died, so I brought it in for repairs.I added a notice that in the event of a factory-restore from the System-disk they should contact me first. Since I slightly anticipated this could happen, I took a backup of the documents and other important data, through an other PC, where I connected the Harddrive via an Q-tek USB-bay.
Well, not only did they factory-restored the System-drive without notice, they also cleaned out my 2 other partitions full of data. That was totally uncalled for and unnecessary.
Since these partitions contained the Amiga-Hardfiles I used on WinUAE (An Amiga emulator), to generate the pages on this site, they where offcourse gone.
I tried a rescue program called Active@Undelete, but to no avail.
I have a backup though, from just before new year.
Unfortunately I added many changes an even made some new scripts since then.
This means there will be no more updates untill I can rewrite the scripts, who where changed and lost.
This will teach me to be more carefull in the future to trust important data in the hands of others and to take more frequent backups.

Added Topanga.
If I have the possibility to view a movie and have the time, I will try to add a detailed scene breakdown.

Added Larissa Monteiro.

Renamed Joyce(2) in Cinthia Pill.

When I was reviewing the cover for Robert Hill's movie "Trans Amore 9", I noticed that one of the girls was named Suzy.
Much to my surprise, she had a great resemblance to the Suzy on this site. I've added a recent headshot in the middle of the cover.
If someone has seen this movie, could you confirm, if it is indeed here.., or not.
Confirmed it myself. Not her.

Added Monik.

Added Niky & Tifany Taylor.

Added Sabrina.

Added Nicole De Castro.

No additions in the girls-section, but a whole lot of updates in the filmography-section. Researching these, takes a lot of time and will probably never be complete (or accurate).
On the other hand, they are more complete for some girls, than what you will find anywhere else.
Renamed Lulu in Asia Lee. (Thanks Pat B)

Added Jhenifer Heloizy & Gabriela Ribeiro.
Added a small headshot on the filmography-page. Seems more complete that way.

Added Barbie Doll, Gisele Prado & Jennifer.

Added Elisangela Marques.

Added Talita Husten.

Added Angel & Rafaela Prado.

Added Sara Sin & Jolie & more Filmographies.

Added Yuri Martinelly.

Added Gabrielle Romace. Changed Nicky in Nicki. Many Filmography additions.

Added Holly & Ginette.

Added Fabiana Bianca.

Added Laisa Lins.

Added Victoria Ribeiro.

Added Alanda Dumont, Camila Costa, Celeste, Rafaela Sanches, Rafaelly Carneiro, Sol & Talitha Hitts, including filmographies. (again contributed by First Last)

Added Krysteen and info on Fabiane De La Costa. (contrib'd by First Last)
I never had a nice facial shot of her, but I'll add her anyway; Jennifer Thomas.

Added Giselle Lins & Bianca Soares.
Look in the MIA-link for MIA08. Anybody knows who she is?

Changed E-mail addres. (hotmail->gmail)

Added Lony Brown.(Incentified & contributed by rastafari).
Added Bambi Star.

Added Bárbara Kysivics & Joyla Lisboa. Renamed Onjulic in Onjuilic.

Added Milena Santos.

Added Alexia Freire.

Added Gi-Won.

Added Angelique.

Added Ingrid Paladiny & Pasha.

Added Isabella Branco.

Added Gabriella Stephanie.

Added Carmen Cruz.

Added Danielle Chambers.

Added Michelle, Mia Turiano, Monica(3), Joyce(2), Colette & Amber Vaughn. Renamed Shayanne to Shayenne.

Added Pamela Fontini, Sheeba, Iyanna, M. Coco + misc. info on Giselle.

Added Michelle Trevy.

Added Prue.

Added Diva.

Added Erica Fontana.

Added Juliana Nogueira.

Added Saigon Lee and some miscellaneous info, courtesey of dakine.

After installing a Linuxbox and playing with it, I've dropped unsafe & unsecure IE on XP and replaced it by Mozilla Firefox, where I noticed that some of the HTML-code wasn't standard-complient, so this is now corrected. Firefox-users can now also see the advisory info-title for the destination resource.

Added Aline.

Replaced the boring text-links by some nice roll-over-buttons, created with this extremely versatile freeware-program called Buttonz & Tilez.
Also added some free faces to spice the buttons up.

Added Allanah Star & Diana.
Added 2 new fields in the Bio-page (Tattoos & Piercings). An additional contribution in the identification process.
I'll work my way down the alphabet. The A's are allready done.

Added Karen Stone.

Added Bebe & Sapphire & Melissa. Ahum.. 150 entries so far. I'll be damned. After allmost 3 years??
Plenty more in the pipeline though, but I wish some girls would choose a more original name.

Added Sabrina De Paulo and Keyla Muniz.

Added Marcia Crawford.

Renamed Madison in Anna Alexandre. Added Andrea Mel & Sara.

Added Shayanne.

Added 2 Monica's, Joyce & Monique.

Added Seara & Nicole.

Added Madison.

Added Kelly Diaz.

Wrote a script that converts the text-filmographies to html and writes a link if more info exist about the movie (complete cast).

Added Milena & Jaded Jennifer. Added a page where you can check which Female Pornstars performed with Transsexuals.

Added Deborah.

Added Geneva.

Added Milena C. .

Added Fabiane De La Costa.

Added Carmen Del Rio & Yasmine Rios.

Added Danielle Di Biaggio & Fabiola Mebarak.
Added Alisa. Added access to a provisional filmography-page if available, marked by this Icon on the info-page.

Added Nicky & Karol.

Added Priscilla Dandera, IDD MIA01 as Amy Gale.

1 new girl (Nina TV) and some other updates.

Added 10 more girls and 1 name-change. Giselle, Bruna Windson, Gabriela Teodoro, Daniela Sabatinny, Duda Little, Juliana Padua, Luana Lethuan, Clea Diaz, Kelly, Erika.
Alexya is now Alexia Nogueira.

An update was in order. Miscellaneous info for 24 girls (R. Smith). Angel is now Angel Harris + Bodyshot (D. Thomson). New bodyshot for Jenifur Love.

2 MIA's identified: Christy Michaels (Thanks DaiLun). Carla(2) (Thanks D. Thomson)

1 addition: Kitty. 1 update: Info on Tara Emory. (Thanks Jose)

Added some bodyshots for Gerri, Dayane, Bambam. Namechange of Angela in Ivana + bodyshot (credited to Richard G.)

Misc. data updates. 2 namechanges Andrea Ravel, Barbie Woods. 3 additions - Alexya, Danari Colares, Jenifur Love (on request).

2 additions - Lulu, Onjulic. 1 update - Ana Paula Botelho. (credited to Wow Pic, Jose)
Changed the link to TS-directory in the intro-page which is active and redesigned. (Thanks Mike)
I probably will add a page in the future of TS-girls who are not active in the adult-industry. Later.

I have added a link MIA(Missing In Action), where I will put the girls for who I have no, or little information.
If you can contribute information about them, please do.

3 additions - Lisa Lawer, Ana Paula, Jennifer Kat. 1 update - Changed Juliana in Juliana Di Primie.

2 additions - Bruna Lee, Fernanda Rubia. 1 update - Camilla de Castro.

1 update- Camilla de Castro. (credited to Jose)

3 additions - Debora Lancaster, Ravena, Veronica Bolt. (credited to Jose)

1 addition - Tara Emory. (credited to Jose)

4 additions - Crystal, Jacqueline, Johanna, Sylvia Boots.

Small updates + 1 addition - Vicki Richter.

I'm allways in need of time, but managed to do some updates.

Finally some time to update (well.. 1.30Hr in the night). Removed Vanessa as she was duped as Charlotte Deveroux (correctly observed by abon91746, thnx). Some more info on Candy aka Carnal Candy. ID'd some more and will be added soon.

78 entries.

62 entries available. Still need to add many.

Up to 49 Entries. For some pictures there are no bodyshots. This just means I haven't got any descent pic for that model.
I have to keep the content fairly descent to comply with the rules.

New data added. 37 entries in total.

The site is starting to take a final shape. Maybe some extra navigation-info, and mostly I need data to fill in the data-fields.

Inserted some CSS/DHTML. Looks good on IE. Still readable on Opera. Can't test it on NS. Anyone?
Just need to make some graphics and the layout will be ready.
If there's something you don't like, then please post your comments on Gollum's Forum.

Uploaded draft version to Newsguy. Some links/graphics missing. 25 Entries.

30/03/2002 -> BTW, this is European Date-notation. Much better than the American one ;)
Start of the database. Only 2 entries thusfar.