Oh my goodness.... You play Dungeons & Dragons??
Don't you know?? Haven't you heard??
I knew this guy who's cousin's sister's brother
KILLED HIMSELF because of that game!!

Yes, that's right... what may appear to intelligent people as just a game with funny-shaped dice and
imaginary monsters, to the Church is obviously a ploy by Gary Gygax (working for Satan) to
seduce people into the occult. And also anything that makes people THINK is bad for
the Church as well... I mean, what if people started questioning the Pope as the
personal spokes-person for God?? Oh, but don't feel so picked on D&D players...
The Church also banned the game of Chess at one time... that, and the heretical
idea that the Earth was round....

The following pages contain scans from an actual religious-oriented document...
A "Chick Tract" if you are familiar with them - tiny comic books used for teaching
the Truth to the uninformed masses. This one was published in 1984, when the media
was swarming all over Dungeons & Dragons...

But now, technology has advanced. With the power of the internet and Mr. Reaper's
Thought Reception Through Water Displacement Technology™©®
We can not only bring you the flat, two-dimensional pages from this document,
but also we can see the very thoughts of the people involved in the story.

Please refer to these instructions:

The following symbols represent various interactive features on the page:

A Thought - Shows you what a person is thinking.
A Point - Shows a general comment about the page.
Magnifier - Shows an area of the page in more detail.
A Question - Displays a general question about the page.

To access these features, simply rest your mouse cursor over one of the symbols.

Since the pages scroll horizontally, this handy navigation
tool will float along the top of each page:

Scrollie Thing

You will be able to scroll the page let or right
just by resting your mouse pointer over the arrows.

(Note: these pages and the interactive features may only work well in
Internet Explorer 5.5+, since that's what I used when programming them)

Finally, you use the following arrow buttons to navigate from one page to the next:

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Now you are ready to be warned of the dangers of Role-Playing Games...
You may continue on your perilous journey by clicking the above "Next" button....

(Note that the images for the next page are loaded while you are viewing the
current page; don't move on to the next page until the page you are viewing has
completely loaded, or there might be a long delay before you see the picture.)

I originally created this in June of 2000.
There are now a LOT of sites that also do parodies of this booklet, but when I
first created this, there were none (my web searches then turned up virtually nothing).
Well, it was an original idea when I first did this; mine may have been one of the very first.

Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah.... I know this is copyrighted material.... But I'm not stealing it, I am Parodying it...
and Parody is considered Protected Speech. In other words, if someone puts out something silly like this,
it is my constitutional right to make fun of it and show everyone how stupid it is!

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