The Scarecrow: Thanks for your work! This is the best rpg manula ever written and I'll continue to play it with my old friends :)

Mr. Reaper: I should really give some attention tho this.... Some of the code in the HTML version doesn't like modern browsers, and the document could use some updating as well. Who knows when I will ever get around to it though....

Mr. Reaper: Well, I finally got around to updating this after 7 years... so it should work again on modern browsers (sorry, Netscape Navigator users -- you're out of luck now!). Obligatory advertisement: Try my Pogo Piggle android games!

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Keum Seung Hwan: Hi. I enjoy D & D Classic in Korea. I read Rules Cyclopedia and I also read your Errata. We will contact you with questions about wrestling rules.

Keum Seung Hwan: I grew up in a non - English speaking country, and I have an English spoken. I would be grateful if you could understand my situation.

Keum Seung Hwan: 1. Does Troll's 2claws / 1bite mean 2 claws AND 1 bite in a round? Or do you mean two claws OR a 1 bite in a round?

Keum Seung Hwan: 2. In a wrestling rule, If I want to make a normal attack under a grabbed or taken down state, which one should I do first? Attack Roll OR Wrestling Roll? I was wondering the exact order of initiative.

Keum Seung Hwan: 3. Let's assume I have to do Wrestling Roll first. If I lose Wrestling Roll, do I lose all the opportunity to do Normal Attack?

Keum Seung Hwan: 4. I would be grateful if you could give me an example of the dice roll sequence of a cacharcter who wants to do Normal Attack under a grabbed or taken state. Thank you for reading my questions and Happy New year!

Mr. Reaper: I answered your questions over on my Quake forum:

SightblinderX: Swung by DF, see the crew is well and gone. Hope you're doing well.

Mr. Reaper: There is a Discord chat some people hang out in. I think Ath may have sent you a PM with info, if you ever wanna check it out.