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Any old links to "http://members.1stconnect.com/anozira/" should link to http://web.newsguy.com/anozira/ now.

The original Anoriza

Anozira Two - bugout in place = self-sufficiency where you are. What I called city living and fortress home back in 2001.

Anozira Three - doesn't have any content at the moment. The subject will be permanent bugout to a retreat - which then becomes a self-sufficient homestead.


Anozira originally appeared on the 1stconnect.com server on September 27, 2001 with some content from an even earlier site I put up elsewhere in August 13, 1999. It disappeared some years later when 1stconnect suddenly went out of business. (Just after they had a promotion drive offering big savings if you paid a year in advance and they collected payments from credit cards and checking accounts of their monthly customers. I'm sure they felt bad about that.)

This site was originally written with an emphasis on bugout and expedient survival. That's still a valid topic and it's still here. But now I'm moving further down the road that I planned back in 2001 to present three very different sets of information,

My original vision for the site, written in 2001, is here. I listed five steps


I'm on a new server now -Newsguy, which is great - and I'm back to continuing the development of the page. I've sorted things into the three sub-sites you see at the top of this page. In a way this site is a diary to record, organize, and clarify topics as I learn about them. I like to do a lot of research and then try to distill the hard core facts from the rhetoric, hype, and sales copy. If I've succeeded, each page has a lot of knowledge in a small space.

I want to keep the stages of preparedness and survivalism separate and avoid confusion. For example finding water on a bugout trek, storing and acquiring water at a surburban home, and water management at a rural retreat are quite different things even though they all fall under the generality "water". Hence the three sub pages of Anozira.


The header of every page has a link to the root page. That way if you print it or save it, you can find your way back. For the moment, on the original Anozira pages, it's still the old link until I change all the separate pages. It won't work. Likewise, the contact at the bottom of each page is extinct. It will not work

Finally, many of the links on the original Anozira page are ten years old. I suspect many of them no longer exist. I'll check them as time permits and correct them if possible. If not, I'll put them as a local page if I have saved them. In the mean time I suggest putting the name of the link and/or the address of the link in goggle and you may find them in a new place or form.

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