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This is a large and difficult topic. Dozens of people have published their lists over the years and there is no majority agreement. It depends on YOUR assessment of the nature of the emergency, how long you must be on your own, your climate, your resources, and a whole lot of personal opinion.

Many Kinds of Kits
The bugout bag is one of several kinds of kits. The 72 hour kit allows you to survive three days at home during a weather or utilities emergency. Brown Thumb describes a bug-IN-bag to get to your home after an emergency. The evacuation kit assumes assistance, alternate housing, and transport is available. It gives you what you need to leave your home in an emergency when you have no preparation time. It is basically what you would take on a short trip, already packed. A wilderness survival kit is meant to sustain life pending a rescue. The bugout bag and survival kits are often confused and many published lists are a blend. This is not bad as we will see.

Bugout Bags vs. Primitive Survival Kits
The bugout kit is different than a survival kit. The survival kit is meant to sustain life for an unknown time under primitive, wilderness, conditions. The bugout kit is much more specific. It is meant to support, actually to expedite, your travel from your normal base of operation to a known bugout location. The destination is known, the route is known (or multiple routes), the distance is known, and the required travel time is known. The bugout kit is meant to give you what you need to make that trip as quickly and as efficiently as possible. A common planning period is three days, but modify this to suit your conditions and plans. It is then used up and no longer required. This means, for example, it will contain food rather than the tools to get food, water rather than treatment tools.

Bugouts involve difficult times and things quite likely won't go as smoothly as planned. In fact you should plan on it. For this reason most bugout bag lists include items that are properly long-term survival items. This is wise. A bugout bag should be designed first to expedite your bugout, and then a primitive survival kit should be added. Keeping the two functions separate in your mind will improve the way you think about your selections. There will be some overlaps giving you efficiency and the dual design will give you some back-up gear and methods.

Bugout Bags From the Web
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