Sold for $300

Stunning Sealed 1917 N.Y. Consolidated Crow Brand Playing Cards Pack
Featuring a scarce intact Scott RF6 World War I surcharged revenue stamp.

The bird's got a lot to crow about.

This handsome showpiece pack of New York Consolidated Card Co.Crow Brand playing cards is not only sealed and pristine, but also features one of the rarer World War I tax increase surcharged federal revenue tax stamps Scott RF6.

Stamp collectors pay a premium price for fine intact copies that had been removed from decks, but for one to have survived intact on a sealed deck is quite amazing.

The "17" overprint denoted the tax increase from 2 to 7, the "17" standing for the congressional "Act of 1917" that mandated it.

As nice as they come and a worthy addition to the most advanced collection of playing cards or United States Internal Revenue stamps.