"Lovers" (2005) / 18" x 22" / Black Marker on Beige Leather Sofa Seat Panel

James De La Vega is one of the most famous "graffiti" or "street" artists in New York City.

He is best known for the sidewalk drawings and original aphorisms he executes in chalk and masking tape, as well as for the murals he has painted on the buildings of the El Barrio neighborhood of Manhattan, where he lives and has a studio.

Some of his street art is drawn on curbside garbage, such as the shiny white surfaces of a discarded refrigerator or a piece of heavy furniture. This work is generally collected by a sanitation truck to be displayed in a landfill.

His sidewalk pieces should be of interest to art collectors because they are authentic examples of his signature medium and style "in the wild," and unlike his sidewalk chalk drawings, they are actually collectible.

However, they are rather cumbersome.
The piece I am offering here does not have that problem.

This is an opportunity to acquire a signed example of authentic street art by James De La Vega in an easily displayable form. And, featuring a simple and time-honored theme -- one that never goes out of fashion.

This piece is destined to be a classic example of his work.