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From the Leon Uris Estate

90 original photographs by Jill Uris, from a working set of production prints for her 1975 Doubleday book, Ireland: A Terrible Beauty, co-authored by her husband Leon Uris and originating from his estate.

76 of the 280 black-and-white photographs that appear in the book are present in final cropped form with Doubleday labels affixed to the back. Negative numbers, enlargement, cropping and page order instructions are also indicated, and are in some cases modified to reflect actual pagination and enlargement percentages, demonstrating that these are from an actual working set used to produce the book.

An additional 11 prints are full frame or alternatively-cropped versions. As would be expected, these do not have Doubleday labels or final enlargement instructions. There is also one black-and-white print of one of the color photographs appearing in the book.

Finally, there are 2 black-and-white prints of unpublished images that are clearly from the same series, but do not appear in the book. These are the last two images at the bottom of the scans that appear in this lot description.

All photographs are printed on 8" x 10" fiber-base Agfa paper and are in excellent condition.

Subjects include landscapes, rustic and urban occupational portraits and scenes, gaelic football, mummers, musicians, a pilgrim at the "Holy Mountain" dedicated to St. Patrick, architecture and monuments, Protestant and Catholic rally scenes, IRA marches and speakers, scenes of children throwing rocks at British tanks, scenes of massive bombing destruction during "The Troubles," scenes with paratroopers and tanks in the streets and during military intercept operations, including sequences of actual gun battles in Belfast, which the Uris' found themselves in the middle of on several occasions.

Identified portraits include: Irish Republican Army Chief of Staff General Tom Barry and his wife, Leslie Barry (vice president of the Irish Red Cross), 1916 Republican Uprising veteran Joe Clarke, Sinn Fein Vice President Marie Drumm, Father Edward Daly, Bishop of Derry, at the site of the Bloody Sunday massacre (which had just recently taken place), Rev. Joseph Parker of Belfast at a makeshift memorial to his son who was killed by an IRA bomb on Bloody Friday (which had just recently taken place), and legendary Irish piper Tommy Reck, playing with a pub ensemble.

A number of the prints are inscribed in the photographer's hand: "al naturele" a mangled spelling of au naturel. Jill Uris wrote about her intention of shooting an unvarnished pictorial account of Ireland and its people:

"The people are an integral part of the landscape. For the most part I found them natural and not self-conscious...Although they are not a physically beautiful people, I found it easy to make beautiful pictures of them."


Pilgrim - Croagh Patrick "The Holy Mountain"
Connemara Ponies - County Galway
Gaelic Football - All-Ireland Match at Croke Park - County Offaly vs Kerry
Three Men of County Kerry
Sheep Judging - Upper Camp, County Kerry
Waiting for the Milk Collection Truck - County Kerry
A Traditional Threesome - County Kerry
"Straw Boys" - Mummering - County Kerry
"Tinkers" - The Nomads of County Kerry
Cobh - Harbor of Cork
Three Nuns - St. Stephen's Green - Dublin
Elderly Marcher - Dublin
"Aran Beauties: Ann" - Inishmore, Aran Islands
"An Inward Breed" - Inishmore, Aran Islands
Sunday Mass - Inishmore, Aran Islands
The Blaskets - The Westernmost Point of Europe
Dockside Scene - Inishmore, Aran Islands
Loading a Horse Onto the Steamer to Galway - Inishmore, Aran Islands
Loading Sheep Onto the Steamer to Galway - Inishmore, Aran Islands
Jaunting Car - Inishmore, Aran Islands
"Aran Beauties: Angela" - Inishmore, Aran Islands
Boys In The Band - Dublin
Tuning the Bagpipes - Dublin
Legendary Irish Piper Tommy Reck & Ensemble - Dublin
Children Parading - Dublin
Boys Outside The Cinema - Dublin
IRA Women Marching - Dublin
Marie Drumm, Vice President of Sinn Fein, Speaking at a Rally in Dublin
1916 Republican Uprising Veteran Joe Clarke
Maud Gonne MacBride, founder of the Daughters of Erin (from a painting)
Irish Republican Army Chief of Staff General Tom Barry and his wife Leslie Barry, Vice President of the Irish Red Cross
Monument Where Michael Collins Was Killed - Bealnablath - County Cork
Wedding Party - Ulster
Various Scenes of Bombing Destruction - Ulster
Woman at Rally - Ulster
Past President at Rally - Ulster
An Orangeman at Rally - Ulster
Derry's Wall Looking Down On Bogside - Londonderry
Protestant Street In A Catholic Area - Londonderry
Belfast City Hall
Women In The Rain - Ulster? (UNPUBLISHED PHOTO)
Orangemen - Ulster
Orangeman Lodge Banner - Ulster
"Come Back Soon" Sign At The Border (UNPUBLISHED PHOTO)
Litter Billboard - Ulster
"Resist British Bully Boys" Grafitti - Londonderry
Soldier Frisking Man - Londonderry
Father Edward Daly, Bishop of Derry, at the site of the Bloody Sunday massacre
Boys at the site of the matyrdom of Patrick Joseph Doherty - Derry
Bombed Out Buildings - Bogside, Londonderry
Soldiers in Action - Londonderry
Supermarket Bombed - Londonderry
A Day At Lough Erne - County Fermanagh
A Day At Lough Erne - Guitarist - County Fermanagh
Soldiers and Man In Garden - Ulster
Soldiers and Tanks - Belfast
Eagle Patrol Commandos - Intercept Operation - Ulster
God Save Our Queen - Protestant Street - Londonderry
Gun Battle In The Streets of Derry
Destroyed Parking Garage - Derry
Rev. Joseph Parker of Belfast at makeshift memorial to his son who was killed by an IRA bomb on Bloody Friday
Catholic Children - Belfast
Rock-Throwing Children - Belfast
Protestant Children - Belfast
Soldier and Little Girls - Belfast
Soldier on Patrol - Belfast
Boy With Paper Cup - Belfast