1966 First Edition signed by Paul Fay.

The story of a twenty-one-year friendship with John F. Kennedy
from his days in the Pacific through his years in the White House
by Paul B. Fay, Jr.
1966 / Harper & Row
Hardcover cloth with jacket
262 pages / illustrated with photographs

First Edition

Signed without inscription by Paul Fay, Jr.

Paul B. Fay, Jr. (1918-2009) became a trusted friend of John F. Kennedy when both men commanded torpedo boats in World War II and went on to be part of President Kennedyís administration as under secretary of the Navy.

Mr. Fay recuperated with Kennedy after both their PT boats were hit by the Japanese. He repeatedly campaigned for Kennedy, beginning with his first run for Congress in 1946, and was an usher at Kennedyís wedding.

When Kennedy became president, he and Mr. Fay would "go AWOL" such as the time they went to see Spartacus at a Washington movie theater. The men and their wives vacationed together. Theodore C. Sorensen, President Kennedyís special counsel and biographer,called Mr. Fay one of the presidentís two or three best friends.

The Pleasure of His Company was one of the first biographies published after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Mr. Fay agreed to let his widow read it before publication. She objected to its revelatory honesty and instances she deemed vulgar. "Leave it," Jacqueline Kennedy wrote of one such passage. "Donít you see it makes Fay look awful?" Mr. Fay rejected most of her suggested changes.

In an interview on CNN in 2003, Hugh Auchincloss, Mrs. Kennedyís stepbrother, praised the book, saying it was the best one that had been written about President Kennedy.