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"Clods' Letters To MAD" editor Jerry DeFuccio responds to a reader.

This letter was written by MAD Magazine associate editor Jerry DeFuccio on July 28, 1956 in response to a reader who had obviously written a humorous letter regarding the "Free Fall Ferris" piece that Jerry had co-authored with cartoonist Wally Wood (Jerry refers to him as "Wallace Wood") and that had just been published in Issue #29 of MAD.

Jerry serves up a multiple-paragraph humorous response this is not a formulaic boilerplate letter to a reader, but rather is a highly creative one that is a previously unknown example of DeFuccio's written wit.

An excellent piece of MAD memorabilia that is notable for being directly related to the pivotal first issue edited by Al Feldstein, and referring to the next issue, #30, which would see the introduction of the iconic Alfred E. Neuman on the front cover and an early classic response to a reader letter from the MAD staffer who did it best and would later compile and edit a volume of readers' letters, "Clods' Letters To MAD."

Of course, it appears on the highly-desirable early MAD letterhead, and you can't ask for a better autograph signature full-name, bold and neat.