8-minute compilation: only 25 seconds appeared in
the 1968 Around The World of Mike Todd TV special.

From the archive of a Mike Todd Productions executive.

Vintage VHS video cassette tape made by Jordan Ramin of film footage he used while working with Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd, Jr. on the television documentary Around The World of Mike Todd, a tribute to Taylor's husband and Todd's father, who died tragically in an airplane crash on March 22, 1958, less than 4 months after some of these home movies were taken.

These amateur home movies were taken by and of Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd, Sr. in 1957 primarily scenes from their trip to Hong Kong in November in connection with the promotion of Around the World in Eighty Days, which had won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Runtime is approximately 8 minutes and 20 seconds. I estimate that only 25 seconds or so of this footage was used when it was shown for the first time in the documentary Around The World of Mike Todd, a full one-hour evening special which aired on ABC-TV on September 8, 1968. There is no audio track.

According to accounts, Taylor and Todd spent most of their time at the private villa owned by the Shaw Brothers (Run Run Shaw and Runme Shaw), the famous Chinese movie moguls, overlooking Deep Water Bay. There are shots of the Shaw Brothers Building with big signs on top welcoming Taylor and Todd. It is possible that one of the women who appears in some of the shots with them is Frances Shaw, but a more intriguing possiblity is that it is Midori Tsuji, who was Todd's executive assistant and became a close companion of Elizabeth Taylor's after his death.

The intriguing part is that Midori was a long-time close friend of Jordan Ramin, the man who made this tape compilation, and at times was his lover.

There are also scenes of Mike Todd playing with his newborn daughter, Elizabeth Frances, who was born on August 6, 1957. These were taken outdoors on a very sunny day and look like they were taken at Todd's Beverly Hills estate.

There are brief scenes of a Kabuki theater performance, Liz Taylor seated in a rickshaw signing autographs, scenes shot through the windows of airplanes in flight that are creepy in retrospect, Mike playing with a native boy next to a Straits Times newspaper advertising sign that reads "Liz and Mike Arrive," a family fishing in a small boat...and of course, there's Elizabeth looking gorgeous in a setting sun close-up, shot by her loving husband the most famous movie producer on earth.

A worthy and unique addition to even the most advanced and sophisticated collection of Hollywood and celebrity memorabilia. The perfect gift for Lindsay Lohan.