Artist’s Biography – Ilona Hindt


Ilona was born in San Mateo California in 1958 to parents who left Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian revolution. She lived her entire life in the San Francisco Bay Area until a house fire in 2008. She now lives in historic Grass Valley California. She met her husband Chuck in 1968. They have been married since 1977 and have two children, Julie and Matthew. Her favorite color is orange. She loves animals and has a charcoal gray Persian cat named Voodoo and Pug named Gomez.

Ilona’s main interest is three dimensional art. Her current joy is needle felted wool sculpture. It allows her to express herself in a very primitive medium that is both visually unique and easily controlled. She also enjoys ceramics, preferring a handcrafted look rather than molded or technically perfect projects. She has also done “lost wax” metal casting and wood carvings. Ilona is also an accomplished oil painter and as a diversion from three-dimensional art will spend days at the easel. She has a natural eye for form and color.

In 2003 she quit her job as an Administrative Assistant and left the “rat race” to pursue her life long dream of being a starving artist.

- Chuck Hindt



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