Feltie Friends

Some of Ilona’s creations and friends now living around the world.

Send us a photo of you with your feltie and have it posted here too



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Crow with Coalman
New Jersey

John at the 2007 Lancaster Fair

Crow meets Crow
Judi's Feltie Crow meets the
real deal in
New Jersey

Crow on Pumpkin
Carol's feltie crow Mini Joker on
a pumpkin in
Toronto , Canada

Catherine & Finn

Our friend Catherine with Finn
in the U.K

Nikki & Finn
Nikki with Finn & Mini Finn
in the U.K


Rook & Magpie
Margie's Rook and Magpie in Georgia

John & Julie
Our daughter Julie and
son-in-law John with Minis

Margi's Chicken
Margi and the cute feltie

chicken that she made

Erin & Carol with PAHS
Erin & Carol from the
Palo Alto Humane Society
Art Gallery
with Ilona's Puppets

Bunny Fix
"Thank you for fixing Bunny.
I love Bunny.
It is my most special toy”


Judy's feltie corvid (crow)
San  Carlos , California

Roberta Gonzales
KPIX Weathercaster

Roberta Gonzales

2007 Menlo Park Fair

Future John

Future John
What's he looking at?

Corvid Convention
Corvid Convention
Cambridge U.K

Finn & Mini Finn
Finn with Mini Finn

Rook & Magpie

Margie's Rook and Magpie in Georgia

Binky & Friends
Binky the Rabbit & Friends
New Jersey

Margi E's felties
Margi's other feltie creations

Bunny Fix
Christel's bunny after
the dog got it...

Brutus and Mini Brutus

Cliff's coot Wooly Beaky
San Diego

Fanning Island
Feltie Sheep vacationing on
Fanning Island in thePacific
Dec 2006

Linda Cohn of ESPN
Future John meets
Linda Cohn of ESPN

John, Kevin, Kate and Rebis
with the feltie couple

John & Kate
John and Kate's Christmas
Tree Topper

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas 2007
from Louie

Too Cute! Leilanie with her tiny mouse feltie in a basket that she knitted herself

PAHS Puppets
Ilona's puppets commissioned
for the PAH S puppet shows

Ilona at 2007 HMB Pumpkin Fest
with Duckie

Purple People Eater

Margie's feltie magpie Mini Pie
with One-eyed One-horned Flying
Purple People Eater and kitty

Singer Raffi

Becky and Future John

Meet singer Raffi

John & John
No John! ........ Don't do it!


Beach Bird

 Louie's Photoshop Magic

Moe & Mini Moe
Moe meets Mini Moe

Amanda & her  feltie elephant

Bunny Fix
Christel & her bunny
all fixed up







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