VuNow "Live Internet TV" lineup
This list last updated January 6, 2010

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KTTV Fox 11, Los Angeles
Bloomberg Television
KNBC Channel 4 "News Raw"

NBC 7/39 (KNSD - NBC San Diego weather subchannel)
10 Weather Now - Tampa Bay
BYU Television International (religion)
Miracle Channel (Logo is for Canadian religious channel, but streaming something in Arabic language instead)
CPAC Canada's Political Channel

WSH Channel 4 - Washington DC weather subchannel
CBN Espanol (religion)
CBN Live (religion)
CBN News (religion)
AT TV (educational?)
Amazing Facts TV (religion)

WSAW (channel 7 Wausau, Wisconsin weather subchannel)
WBAY (channel 2 Green Bay, Wisconsin weather subchannel)
Norfolk's Network Neighborhood, TV-48 (Community station from Virginia)
WCTV 48 (City of Chesapeake, Virginia channel)
House of Refuge (Spanish language religion) (Boxing)

GEB (Health info/infomecials)
HSN (Shopping)
Surf TV (surfnig videos)
Supreme Master (religion)
World Harvest Television (religion)
ViVe (Venezuelan station) (University of Washington)
TVU (Religious rock music videos)
Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (religion)
His Channel (religion)
WYFF NBC 4 (Greenville, SC - weather subchannel)

TV Justica
Bethel TV (Religion, from Peru)
JN19 TV (Religion, from Peru)
ONE Telebejgh (from Malta; belongs in Europe)
TV Knob ("TV on the Internet")
City of San Diego Television (logo is wrong, says "ARTS")

ETC3 (religion)
Focus Channel 49 (logo says "49 olelo"; relaying ARTS channel)
KAMU-TV College Station, Texas
Mesa Channel 11, Mesa Arizona City channel
NATV 53 (logo says "53 olelo"; relaying DW-TV)
PCTV2 (Pittsfield, Massachusetts City channel)

PCTV3 (Pittsfield, Massachusetts City channel)
Rail TV (videos of trains!  beautiful 16:9 video)
Rockville Channel (Rockville, Maryland public affairs)
Vox Africa (French/English channel from London; belongs in Eurpoe)
University of Florida Academic Activity Television
GMU-TV (George Mason University Television)

San Francisco Government TV
Yumurcak Kid TV (Turkish children's programming, belongs in Europe)
Grupo FM TV (Mexico)
XHIJ El Canal de Las Noticias Canal 44 (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - low bitrate, streaming problems)
3ABN TV (religion)
Al Karma TV (Arabic Christian religion)

The Church Channel (religion)
CTVN (religion)
Pastor Melissa Scott (religion)
Hope TV (religion)
Nueva Era TV (Spanish-language religion)
TBN Enlace USA (religion)

Telegracia (Spanish-language religion)
The Knot TV (wedding fashion and planning)
University of Washington TV (Relays UWTV,, or The Research Channel)
The WB Classic Cartoons ("unable to recognize the media format")
Canal 13 (Mexico)
SBN (religion)

Teleadoracion (Religion)
21 Telered
Canal 7 TV Publica Argentina (playing live streetcam and radio when last checked)
Band Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil)
Faap TV
Rede Super (Brazilian religion from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais)

Salt+Light Television (Canadian religious station)
TV Cambury (Brazilian Commercial/Instructional channel from Goiania, Goias)
The Shopping Channel (Canadian shopping channel)
Toronto TV
CPAC English (Canadian Legislative Channel)
CPAC French (Canadian Legislative Channel)

TVA (French Canadian network from Montreal)
Radio Television Brunei (belongs in "Asia" section; streaming problems)
Canal 26 (News channel from Argentina)
Zona 31 (Buenos Aires, Argentina station)
TeleRed (from Argentina; streaming problems)
The Old Path (Tagaog-language religion; streaming problems)

Telenoticias 24 Horas
TV ABCD (Brazilian station, also carries
TV Cancao Nova (religion, from Brazil)
Canal Rural (Brazilian Cable channel)
Canal Universitario Nacional (Brazilian channel from University of Vitoria)
D+ TV (Brazilian general interest channel from Sao Paulo)

DM TV (Brazilian news channel from Goiania, Goais)
Just TV (Brazilian pop culture channel)
RiT (Brazilian religion)
TV Antares (Brazilian general interest channel from Arapongas, Parana)
TV Uniao (Brazilian music video channel from Fortaleza, Ceara)
TV Marti (US Government Cuban exile station)

Agape TV 8 (Religious station from San Salvador, El Salvador)
Canal 41 ABN (Religious station from Bogota, Colombia)
ColorVision (Dominican station)
DominicanYork TV (New York-based Dominican entertainment channel)
Canal 2 Televicentro de Nicaragua (from Managua, Nicaragua - low bit rate)
Canal Luz (Spanish-language religion)

CCCSat (California Community Colleges Television)
OCTT 13 (Washington, DC civic affairs station)
Shop TV Canada
Social TV (appears to be a UK channel focused on social issues; belongs in Europe)
Sat 7 (Arabic language; streaming problems)
Sat 7 Kids

Z tv Zeilsteen
Fox 12 Oregon
Yuma County Arizona
Fox 5 News
Canal 11 Honduras
Magyar ATV

6 weather plus
Tub Tub TV
Songwriter TV
Oahu 52
Pinellas County Government

Olelo View 54
Wheaton College
Spirit Television
WCCS Community Services
Arlington VA

Prom Peru (Tourism TV from Peru)
Fox 26 Houston
Family Christian Network
WSVN channel 7 Miami (logo says Miami
EMS Firechannel

WFLD Fox Chicago
Naples Channel 1
Telemiami (Spanish language)
Fairfox channel 16
Levanjil (unable to recognize the media format)
SporTV (bug says TV Camara) (Brasil)

Shine TV
Noticias MVS
Canal Info News
GVTV Nevada County

Nuevo Imagen
White Springs TV
C-Span 3
Fun Channel America
Bamboch TV

Family Friendly Entertainment (religion)
ABC News
Sharag TV

Super Channel
GIV 3 Government Television
Dominicanyork TV

Maya TV
Fox 41 Louisville

Sterren 24
Canal 4 Esquel
Tele 6
Bridges TV

Arica TV
Iquique TV
Canal 5
Safe TV Channel
TV Mundi


Fox 6 WBRC
WFSB 3 Hartford
CFM TV Florida
Omroep Zeeland
Yojoa TV
CNL America

City of Dunedin Florida TV
Rede Bahamas Televisao
Universidad UNIACC

Rede Brasil


BBC Arabic
BBC World News
Sky News
France 24 (EN)
France 24 (AR)
France 24 (FR)

Repubblica Radio TV
TV2 News
Hope Channel
DR Update
RE:tv (Bulgarian news channel; 16:9 format)

HT1 (German-language station from Hausruck, Austria - belongs in Europe)
n-tv (German news channel, belongs in Europe)
SZTV (from Hungary)
Live (didn't connect when last checked)
TV Bratislava (Slovak general interest channel)

Antena 3 Noticias (news channel from Spain)
Barcelona TV (Catalan-language general interest channel from Spain)
Ejido TV (Spanish general interest - streaming problems when checked)
EsMadrid TV (Madrid travel channel, nice quality 16:9 format)
IB3 (General interest from the Balearic Islands of Spain)
NRJ Dance (music videos, from France, nice quality widescreen 16:9 format)

Duna TV (general interest station from Hungary)
TV de Galicia (from Spain)
TV Gelderland from Arnhem, Netherlands; beautiful 16:9 picture)
M2 Magyar TV (from Hungary)
NRJ Hits (music videos from France; 16:9 format)
NRJ Paris (Entertainment programming from France; 16:9 format, nice quality)

PrimAntenna (from Torino, Italy)
TJK TV (Turkish horse racing channel)
TV Girona (from Girona, in Spain)
RTVA (from Andorra)
DR1 (from Denmark; nice quality 16:9 video)
DR2 (from Denmark; nice quality 16:9 video)

RTE News Now (News station from Ireland; nice 16:9 format video)
RTV Channel (Music videos, apparently from Netherlands; streaming problems)
RTV Noord (from Groningen, Netherlands; very nice 16:9 video)
RTV Noord Holland (from Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Seven Casting TV (Fashion/music TV from France)
Smash TV (from Malta)

BRN TV (TV from Congo (Kinshasa); relaying BBC World when last checked)
Solidaria TV (Religioun)
Malatya TV (playing music videos; streaming problems)
TV Oranje (from the Netherlands)
TV Fly (playing music videos)
Orange Sport Info (French sports news channel)

3sat (German; 16:9 format)
Cine5 (Turkish)
4E TV (Greek religious channel from Thessaloniki)
NOS Journaal 24 
RAINews 24
Bahn TV (German)

NOS Politiek 24 (Dutch)
Sport Time TV
Seven Pop Rock TV
Seven Television TV
Cap 24
Gamma TV

IDF 1 (French)
Sport 1
Credo TV
TCT Total Christian Television
ERT World (Greek)
Info 24 (from Hungary)

Kontilies TV (from Greece; traditional music videos)
Premiere SportPortal
Interia TV (Polish music video channel)
Spirit 24 ("Philisophical Digital TV from the Netherlands")
Retesole (from Perugia, Italy)
RTV West (from Den Haag, Netherlands; nice 16:9 video)

TRT 2 (from Turkey)
TRT 3 (from Turkey)
TRT 4 (from Turkey)
CNL (Russian, religion)
Rock Television - New (music videos)
Rock Television - 90s (music videos)

Rock Television - 80s (music videos)
Rock Television - 70s (music videos)
Rock Television - Prog (music videos)
RTL 102.5 (Music videos, from Italy)
Telenord (Italian channel from Liguria)
Teleromagna (from Italy)

Teletruria (from Arezzo, Italy)
RTL (RTL Tele Letzebuerg from Luxembourg; nice quality 16:9 format)
RTL News (Dutch; nice quality 16:9 format)
RTV Oost (Dutch; nice quality 16:9 format)
1 Music TV (Russian music video channel)
Sportal (UK Sports Channel, same as Sport Portal Television above)

Invincible TV (UK music video channel, did not connect when tested)
QVC UK (UK Shopping Channel)
NDR Hamburg (German general interest) (German gamer's channel)
Suedburgenland TV (Austrian general-interest station)
Burgenland TV (Austrian general-interest station; high-quality 16:9 video)

Azerbaijan TV 1
La Source (Religion, from Cote D'Ivoire; logo is wrong)
Mboa TV (African cultural/music programming from France)
Telessonne (from France)
TV 7 (religious station from Finland)
Donau TV (General interest station from Deggendorf, Germany)

Bible Live (Greek, religion)
Duna II Autonomia (from Hungary; streaming problems)
Classic FM (UK Classical music videos)
Ostankino (Russian Channel One; didn't connect when last checked)
RTR Planeta (Russian)
MLC TV (German movie trailers)

Rheinmain TV (German)
Iran NTV
Music Box Interactive TV (pop music videos - from Slovakia)
TA3 (news channel from Slovakia)
Markiza Television (Slovak entertainment channel, low bitrate)
TV Nautik

RTP 1 (general interest station from Portugal)
Muntenia TV (Romanian general interest)
Tele Europa Nova Timisoara (Romanian General Interest)
TVR Cultural (Romanian cultural/general interest)
Vesti (Russian News Channel)

Smile of a Child (Russian language religion from TBN Europe)
UVCM (Russian; handmade logo)
Canal Parlamento 
Cetelmon "La Otra Television" (religion, from Spain)
Kiss TV (music videos from Spain)
TVA Almansa (From Spain - low bitrate)

Kanal 10 (religious channel from Sweden)
HLTV Ortssender Hittnau German-language barker/ad channel from Switzerland)
Tele M1 (German-language TV from Aarau, Switzerland)
Television LC2 International (from Coutonou, Benin)
Vikom RTV
Soleil TV (French Antilles music videos)

NRJ Pop Rock (French Antilles music videos, nice quality widescreen 16:9 format))
NRJ Groove (French Antilles music videos, nice quality widescreen 16:9 format)
Mizik Tropical (French Antilles music videos)
Public Senat (French National Assembly TV)
Inraci TV (French movie channel, 16:9 format)
BFM TV News 24 (French news channel)

M95 Marbella Television (General interest local TV from Marbella, Spain)
BBTV Channel 7 (Bangkok, Thailand channel 7 - belongs in Asia)
Antena 3 (General interest channel from Spain)
TV TRWAM (Poland)
STV (martial arts?)
Life TV (religious)

Odtu TV (religious)
TV Oggi (Italian)
Mundo Magico TV (Spain; low bitrate; streaming problems)
Net TV 2 (relaying BBC Arabic)

Seven Hip Hop TV
Rei TV
RMF Maxxx (Hip Hop videos)
Sky TV (Turkish)
KinWeb TV
Plus Channel (Greek)

TV Catalunya Internacional
Al-Quds al-Arabi
Meteo TV (Czech)
Canal I
Eska TV

Alter TV (Greek)
Toya TV Poland
Show TV (Turkish)
Canal Castello
Onda Jerez TV
Wildlife Channel

Russian First Channel (not streaming when last checked)
TV 5 Monde
Access Pittsfield (belongs in Americas)
TV Oberfranken
TRT International (Turkey)
STV 3 (not streaming when last checked)

Moovee TV ("unable to recognize the media format")
TRS (Italian)
TV Sei Montorio al Vomano (Italian) (Streaming problems)
TV 2000 (Italian)
Video Tolentino (Italian)
Tele Jonica (Italian)

Tele Akery Napoli Nova
Tele 1 Faenza Ravenna
Onda TV Messina
Dee Jay TV (Italian)
RTV 38 (Italian)
CT-N (Connecticut News, belongs in Americas)

Information TV (playing Poker)
Ki Ka Fernsehen
CM TV (Spanish music video channel)
TRT 6 (Turkey)
TV 8 Mont Blanc
Digi Sport

Only got this far on last update - four and a half more screens of new channels to go!


Guitarist TV
TV Yachts
TV Yachts
UK Entertainment Channel
BBC News
BBC Parliament

TV Brighton
TV Scuba
TV Scuba 2
TV Brighton Music
TV FreeStyle - Rock'n'Rollers
Visit England: North

Visit England: South East England
Visit England: Southwest & Channel Islands
Visit Wales
Visit England: Northern Ireland
Visit England: Scotland

TV Polari Gay Lifestyle
Ghana Life TV
Africans In London TV
Africans In London TV - Music

UK Entertainment Channel - UK Arts
UK Entertainment Channel - UK Concerts
Very Tangy - Motoring
Very Tangy - Sitcoms
TV FreeStyle - Sidewalk Skaters
Visit England: Midlands

Middle East

VOA Persian Live (low bitrate, streaming problems)
Sky News (UK, 16:9)
IBA 3 (Israel)
Saudi TV 1 (streaming problems)
Kanali 10 (Greek)
Al-Iraqiya (Iraq)

Al-Arabiya (Arabic news channel)
Al-Jazeera (Arabic news channel)
Al-Watan Plus (Kuwait)
Al-Watan TV (Kuwait)
Al-Resalah TV (Egypt)
Nile News (Egypt)

MTA 3 (Islamic religious channel from London)
CCTV Arabic (Arabic language channel from China)
KTV 2 (Kuwait; didn't connect when last checked)
Television Mauritanie (from Mauritania; no audio, low bitrate, streaming problems)
Baghdad Channel (news channel from Iraq)
Al-Iraqiya Sports

IFBN (English-language Jewish religion)


IBN Lokmat (Marathi language news channel from India)
Aljazeera (English language news channel)
CNBC TV 18 (CNBC India)
CNBC Awaaz Live (Indian, local language)

Manorama News (didn't connect when last checked)
MAA TV (Telugu language entertainment channel from Hyderabad, India)
MBN Dream (Korean)
Saudi TV 2 (streaming problems)
TV Salam (Arabic, uncertain of location)

CCTV 9 (English language news channel from China)
Rainbow (English-language Indian religion)
Subhavaartha Television (Indian local-language religion)
TV5 (Telugu)
Yoga In Daily Life TV (spiritual, 16:9 format)
Good TV (Korean religious channel)

Kuwait TV 1 ("title not available on media source")
Kuwait TV 2 ("title not available on media source")
Kuwait TV 3 ("title not available on media source")
Fox Sport Australia (buffering problems; 16:9 video)
Mohabat TV (from Iran; streaming problems)
TV 25 (station from Georgia - wrong logo; low bitrate)

Zhejiang TV (China)
KETV (asian language financial news; streaming problems; logo is wrong)
9X (INX Network) (Indian entertainment channel)
Bigpond BPM (Australian music video channel; streaming problems)
SMG BB (Chinese programming)
Odoroku (Japanese)

Oh!Sama TV (excerpts from Japanese music videos)
HLJTV (Chinese)
Movie Plus (from Thailand; streaming problems)
Al-Jazeera Children's Channel (Arabic language, from Qatar)
Israel Plus (Russian-language programming from Israel)
Saudi 1 TV (Arabic language programming from Saudi Arabia)

Bigpond Music TV (Australian; appears to be same programming as Bigpond BPM above; streaming problems)
Lider TV (from Azerbaijan)
New Tang Dynasty TV (Chinese)
NCNEWS (Chinese)
CTV Seven (Chinese)
CTV Five (Chinese)

CTV Three (Chinese)
CTV One (Chinese)
WIN TV ("title not available on media source")
Bengu Turk (not streaming when last checked)
Kanal 19 Corum ("title not available on media source")
Kirsehir TV (Turkish)

Koroglu TV Bolu (Turkish)