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#1 2005-02-24 19:19:44

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Selecting Tracks

John M. wrote:
"The newest versions include a Select column, and the Show Select Filters popup lets you show only the selected or only the unselected files.  I actually plan to use this feature to create multiple 'playlists' -- saving the currently selected items to a list, and then letting you recall that list of selected files anytime you want.

Would that do what you want?"
The ability to create multiple playlists would be a boon to having good media track management.  Currently you can do the same through WinAmp, but it's a multiple step process.  One has to save the current queue in order to create a saved playlist.
Creating several playlists, at one sitting, in MP3B sounds good.

The key to all this is how easy is it to select several tracks in MP3B.  I just checked this out to figure out how a user would select, lets say, 60 to 80 tracks, to create a playlist that could later be played and hopefully burned to a CD.

Of course the user could simply left-click select 80 tracks.  That seems a bit laborius, having to read through the entire database to find each single track. Neither can a user highlight several records in MP3B and then select those highlighted.

I suppose, instead,  he could Filter the database for, possibly,  author, or category, or even rating.  Then with the desired subset of the database visible he could right-click in the select column.  From that context menu the user would select the option "Mark all Selected".  Next the user would would use the "Show Select Filters" to get only the selected tracks visible. 

Once the selected tracks are visible, I suppose the user would queue these to winamp, or if MP3B allowed, create a saved playlist. 

It would really be nice if the created playlists could be imported to a CD burning software like NERO or ROXIO.  But that's something else.



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