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#1 2004-10-27 04:00:47

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Information about v0.583 beta

VERSION 0.583 adds a number of new fields and tables -- while you PROBABLY can use the NEW data structure with earlier versions of MP3-Boss, you MUST make a backup copy of all your mp3-boss files! I recommend copying the original directory to a saved directory. Future updates may require you to revert to the earlier DATA.MDB file that you saved.

When you install, just be sure to keep your current database (don't overwrite or you'll lose your song data).

Known problems with this beta (released August 12, 2004):
Cursor doesn't automatically move off new Category1 dropdown when song stops playing. This causes the status bar to flash.
List View update is slower than earlier versions, particularly if songlength is shown as HH:MM:SS

There are a number of changes from v0.582Beta to v0.583Beta:
SongLength can be shown as HH:MM or seconds (configurable)
User_Category1 added to ListView/Ratings -- table can be edited, no longer tied to genre.
User_Category text can be changed (e.g., for language support).
New tabbed layout for utilities.
ArtistName.txt holds artist names that are correctly spelled (future enhancement).
AutoBPM fix supports comma as decimal separator.
Fixed Copydown so won't allow songlength, volume_label change.
A number of new fields and tables were added (future enhancements) -- v1.06 Data Update required.

There are a number of changes from v0.581Beta to v0.582Beta:
Winamp5 volume no longer set to 0 at startup (clicking on volume bar in MP3-Boss List view sets correct volume in earlier releases).
Directory review in MP3 Scan now includes "Ignore directory"
Recognizes Winamp5 (earlier releases identified Winamp5 as Winamp2)
Checks for multiple copies of winamp to make sure that the configured copy is the active copy.
*BPM Detection Support*
Works with AutoBPM (, tons of features, including:
Stability detection; Specify minimum number of BPM readings before writes information; Automatically calculates stability from final BPM values total set isn't stable; Write Always, Write if blank, Write Never; Shows running information about BPM, with color to show stability; Works with Hotscan!; Includes "Smart HotScan" that scans longer if BPM isn't stable!; Writes
complete data used for calculations to "c:\bpm_info.txt"
AutoBPM v1.1 is also available at:

I have found that AutoBPM doesn't work on some computers because of Wavemapper configuration problems. If you have this problem, try plugging a sync cable from the line out to line in on your soundcard. If you have a 'favorite' BPM generator, let me know and I'll see if I can add support. Please note that by default, the BPM button (in Winamp Controls in List View) is OFF -- you need to turn on BPM support in Configuration (MORE tab). To have the BPM be automatically added to your database, you need to turn on AutoFillBPM in Configuration (MORE tab) -- select ALWAYS or BlankOnly.

Only a few minor changes from v0.580Beta to v0.581Beta:
1) Tag Editor: year is stored as part of ID3v1 (and is now identified as being stored)
2) File-Delete works in List View
3) Artist Fixup modifications are flagged as edited for ID3v1 tagging

Please don't distribute this beta (it is available for registered users only) -- thanks!




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