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#1 2005-03-13 09:46:27

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RELEASE CANDIDATE: v0.598 Beta released - March 13, 2005

v0.598 Beta released - March 13, 2005
Bugfix: ListView column restore problem due to (HHMMSS field)
Artist Original_Artist no longer updated by Artist_Fixup (for future use)
Smartscan ON by default

v0.597 Beta released - March 09, 2005
Quite a few changes:
Artist Fixup lets you change the font & size for entry fields
Systembar status update to show "Calculating CD/DVD file CRC32".
Bugfix: If only ID3v2 tag has artist info, that information was being ignored.
Bugfix: Fixed Lyrics v2 Album info -- was prefixing with album title length
Bugfix: Fixed 'invalid procedure'error when scanning invalid format/empty lyrics tags
Bugfix: ListView HHMMSS speedup
Bugfix: Changed flag update (v0.596) didn't let you paste more than 1 field at a time
Hotscan fixes:
1st song in list doesn't start from 0-volume
Shuffle status isn't reset to ON at end (if ON originally)


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