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#1 2009-11-29 22:03:46

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v0.674 Development

MD5 speedup.  MD5 calculation over some networks was 15x slower than local.  I've changed the remote MD5 calculation, and made it possible to turn-off MD5 calculation for remote files.

CDG Support -- automatically identifies CDG files associated with an MP3, and marks the record.  Additionally, it marks the record with "vocals" based on the filename.  Future: will automatically move MP3/CDG/JPG together.

ZIP Support -- automatically unzips the file and then scans the unzipped contents (MP3 + CDG).  Information about ZIP contents stored.  Will move the ZIP to a specified directory (or can delete the ZIP).

Improved artist detection.  Additional filename checking to locate artists from verified artist table.  Can now auto-identify artists such as "Spears, Britney" instead of just "Britney Spears".

Fixed "Error 2501" when bringing up Utilities form (high-resolution displays).

Fixed problem with Refresh Mapping that would usually cause it to ignore the request to remap the drives.  Additional error checking/logging for "Remap Drives".



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