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#1 2005-03-20 16:36:29

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Anyone with experience with Albumwrapped files?  While you can get the complete seems a bit of a problem to use, since you can't as easily play individual songs.  Using Alba to extract usually seems to work, but there are also a lot of full albums that aren't albumwrapped. 

Here is some information on breaking apart albums:
Splitting Albums

How do you handle the problem?

The latest MP3-Boss beta (v0.599) adds a SendTo command that makes it easy to send any file to Alba (or most any other program).

I recommend making one of the SendTo programs the ALBA extractor so you can very easily unwrap your Albumwrap albums.  You can get the ALBA extractor (usually works better than Albumwrap extractor) at:

If you want the original Albumwrap extractor, you can get it at:
because of a serious Albumwrap bug, this extractor is mainly useful if the wrap has been damaged by tag editing
Albumwrap Info

Fixing Albumwrap files



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