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#1 2005-03-28 06:11:58

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SendTo command

The latest MP3-Boss beta (v0.599) adds a SendTo command that makes it easy to send a file from List View to almost any other program.  See the "Albumwrap" topic for information on how I've used it to send files to Alba or Albumwrap_extractor.

So far, I've sent the file to the following:
Windows Media Player
Second copy of Winamp
xIV32 hex editor

Let me know if you find any problems (e.g., if I should allow typed parameters on the command line).  If you have a favorite application that works great with SendTo...let me know that too.

The next beta (v0.600) includes "MailTo" as an extension of SendTo -- so you can now just right-click a file from List View to email the file (you select from a list of recipients).  This feature uses the Blat command-line emailer and SMTP.



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