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#1 2005-03-29 05:07:53

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MailTo setup

I plan to eventually make it a little clearer...but wanted to get the v0.600 beta out so people could have a look.

If you ONLY have a hotmail account, it may not be possible to use MailTo unless you add a program like IzyMail that lets you send email through Hotmail.  Unfortunately, Hotmail doesn't support SMTP or POP3.  I think that yahoo will give you free access (I've used a free yahoo account successfully).

To add "MailTo" to the List View right-click menu:
1) Download BLAT (
2) Unzip Blat into a directory (e.g. c:\blat240)
3) Click MP3-Boss Configuration from switchboard, and select "SendTo" tab
4) Double-click "<MailTo>" from the Listbox
5) Click the "Blat Mail Setup..." button at the bottom of the SendTo page
6) Enter
    Blat_Location (e.g., c:\blat240\blat.exe) <I plan to add a 'Browse' button to make this easier>
[x] Authenticate User
    Username: mccaffjt
    Password: ********
(Not all servers needs authentication).

Make sure you go to the Recipient List tab, and enter at least one recipient.  The MailTo menu item won't appear unless at least one recipient is in that list!

The regular SendTo stuff (like sending the file to mp3trim) is easier.  If it isn't already in that SendTo listbox, you just need to click "<CUSTOM>" from the listbox and browse your computer until you find the application (e.g., mp3trim.exe).

Sorry this is so complicated -- a user requested it, and it actually is useful for me for development (I'm always loading mp3 files into a hex editor so I can see if I've processed the tags correctly).



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