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#1 2004-11-13 09:47:47

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MP3-Boss v0.584 beta information

Smart CD search -- no longer need to put a CD in a specific CD/DVD drive
Added support for WAV/WAVE files -- over 30 items scanned and shown on detail tab
Added Picture tab in detail view -- shows ID3v2 embedded images, and WAV BMP images
Embedded pictures saved to specified directory
Scan MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, WAV files (configurable)
Path/File checkbox added to the Main report
Specify paths to skip during scanning (configurable)
One-click removal of ID3v1 tags, ID3v2 tags and Lyrics tags
Identify open CD/DVD disks (and includes more information about your CD/DVD drive than you'd ever want to know!)
Filling 8.3 filenames in database during scan
Media table now in frontend database
v1.07 Data Update required.
Showing length in seconds is back to original speed
If you have problem using mouse to scroll List View -- get Intellipoint v4.12 or FreeWheel to fix the problem
Bugfix: Delete key works to delete selected record in List View
Record marked as Edited when field updated in List View



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