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#1 2004-11-13 15:43:14

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v0.584 bug report -- scanning

John, I just downloaded the latest version, and so far I have found a lot of "bugs".

1,  Program hangs after scanning a drive.  I had to close out program using control-alt-Delete.  The program just seems to lock up.
Was this an upgrade to v0.583?  Or from v0.57?

My guess is that it is a v0.583-->v0.584 upgrade problem, because some of the fields were only modified during that upgrade.

Would it be possible to upgrade instead from your v0.57 (or v0.582) database, and then see if these problems are fixed?

If you aren't able to update from v0.57/v0.582, could you send me the original data.mdb that you had prior to updating?  Hopefully I can figure out what field(s) aren't being updated correctly from v0.583 to v0.584.  So far, I haven't seen any hangups or scan problems (tested on 3 systems) -- even when scanning every file that caused problems with v0.57.





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