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#1 2005-04-30 18:20:09

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v0.602 Beta released - May 01, 2005

Shuffle stays OFF after PlayNext if shuffle was originally off.  Scan is less likely to leave title blank (when ID3v2 tag is present but empty).  m4a handled better - Bitrate, length & internal tags handled (some video files still give bitrate=0).  More invalid tags handled during scanning.  Columnwidth property set to fix CopyDown problem when using older DATA.MDB.  Another fix for configuration parameters.  New code to fix the 'no longer registered' problem. Date timeout fix that might help the few reports of too-fast 60-day timeout. Removed CloseButton in upper right corner of Switchboard.  Fixed crash problem if Winamp playing songs unrelated to the database.  Selecting alternate DATA.MDB now shows hourglass while new database loaded.

Beta 0.602 update release:

Beta 0.602 full version release:

In theory you should only need the v0.602 update release.  However, if you want to do a full installation, you can use the v0.602 full version release.  Don't forget to backup what you have!  In particular, it is possible that a final release might require that you revert back to v0.582 data (or earlier) because of database update issues.



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