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#1 2005-06-05 05:31:00

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Creating a disk to play in an MP3 player

Here's how I create a new MP3 disk to play in my portable mp3 player:

1) Use [x] Select checkbox to select what songs you want in List View.  If I've already rated the songs...easy to combine rating with the filters to get lists of songs that I want on the disk (e.g., the best songs from a particular artist).

2) Once I've selected the songs...I CLR the filters and then show only the Selected songs.  This way I know how many hours of songs I've selected.  Typically I try for about 150 songs (10-12hours) on an mp3 disk.

3) Send the list of songs to Winamp to create a NEW playlist.

4) Change Winamp Plug-ins Output to Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in.  I use the Rocksteady Winamp plugin to normalize the by using the DiskWriter plugin...I end up normalizing my songs.

5) Use LAME to convert the WAVE files to MP3.  Normally I use 160kbps or 192kpbs.  Nero includes a plugin (you need to download it) that interfaces directly to LAME.

6) Burn the disk!

Comments?  Anyone using a good mp3 normalizer (e.g., MP3Gain) that normalizes the mp3 directly so I don't need to convert to WAV and back?



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