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#1 2005-09-15 19:07:35

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v0.603 beta released September 16!

WARNING:  This is a MAJOR update...please use care in case there are any problems.  In particular -- this is the FIRST version to write ID3v2 tags -- check to make sure that you aren't losing tag information (or mp3 content!) when you write your ID3v2 tags!

The Utilities/Delete Lyrics tag bug looks like it is fixed -- but please test carefully!

CopyDown function was modified -- please let me know if you find problems!

I've tried to make CD scanning even more flexible...but because of hardware problems I couldn't test on duplicate scans on 2 CD drives at once.  Please let me know if you find problems!

Writes ID3v2 tag (for now, only same fields as ID3v1)
Scanning mp4, also scans m4p (iTunes).
%Rated statistic shows % out of songs played and % out of total songs.
CD scanning improved -- asks if CD might have been previously scanned, and allows you to specify the matching CD.
If scanning results in no files processed -- message indicates none processed!
Unable to use CopyDown for User_Rating and Select.
Overflow during scanning due to Xing header being >Integer chars from start.
Playcount isn't incremented for first record if song playing isn't in database.
Delete Lyrics tag sometimes resulted in mp3 file being deleted.
Overflow error in Loopstr function (was integer instead of  variant).
FindDupes showed 'no current record' error if only 2 records.
Added "CLR" to select filters -- to clear ALL filters (e.g., even Artist filter).
Winamp would sometimes bring up .m3u Open box when file not found.
MailTo menu improved.

Beta 0.603 update release:

Beta 0.603 full version release:

In theory you should only need the v0.603 update release.  However, if you want to do a full installation, you can use the v0.603 full version release.  Don't forget to backup what you have!  In particular, it is possible that a final release might require that you revert back to v0.582 data (or earlier) because of database update issues.



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