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#1 2005-09-18 11:41:01

Registered: 2011-06-05
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New fields for MP3-Boss?

I am FINALLY adding WMA and OGG support to the next beta.  I may try to add support for all of the following at the same time: AAC  APE  FLAC  MONKEY  MPP

There are TONS of fields stored in WMA & OGG that might be of general interest.

I am wondering if perhaps I should add the following to the main category (instead of calling them "WMA" or "OGG" specific:
ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)
Part Of Set
Rating (not sure if this is different from the rating I already provide)
Album Artist (primary artist)

Unfortunately, I've already added some of this as ID3v2 specific information...and of course these new filetypes are typically not ID3v2 tagged.

There are also a bunch of possible URL's, vendor and encoding fields.

Here's the list I have so far for NEW fields in WMA:
Dim AuthorURL As String
Dim AlbumArtist as String
Dim BeatsPerMinute As String
Dim Composer As String
Dim Conductor As String
Dim ContentGroupDescription As String
Dim Copyright As String
Dim Distributor As String
Dim EncodedBy As String
Dim EncodingSettings As String
Dim EncodingTime As String
Dim ISRC As String
Dim InitialKey As String
Dim Language As String
Dim Mood As String
Dim ParentalRating As String
Dim PartOfSet As String
Dim Period As String
Dim Producer As String
Dim PromotionURL As String
Dim Provider As String
Dim Publisher As String
Dim Rating As String
Dim ToolName As String
Dim ToolVersion As String
Dim UserWebURL As String
Dim Writer As String

FLAC and OGG have Contact, Organization, Vendor, License and Location in addition.




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