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#1 2005-09-26 04:41:01

Registered: 2011-06-05
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Tables for WMA, OGG, MPP, APE support

The next revision will support WMA and OGG in addition to MP3 (actually...mp3-boss already supports MP1 through MP4, plus some variations) and WAV.  Quite a few changes!  I'm having some trouble figuring out the best way to add the information.  Much of the new information could be stored in the ID3v2 I'm wondering if that table should really be "modern tags" and be independent of the format.  This would mean I'd only add a few new fields to that table. 

Originally I was going to add a new table for each format -- but maybe that isn't necessary.  WAV was different, since the embedded information was completely different than the stuff you'll find in an ID3v2 or APE tag.  Since the linking ID field makes it easy to link the tables together though...maybe the one-to-one mapping of tag-type to table makes things more flexible (plus I've already coded the WMA table! LOL).  The problem with multiple tables is that it means extra complexity in the Create_Tag form (mainly for me...but it might mean a tabbed form is required).

Comments welcome.



#2 2006-01-27 08:17:06

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Re: Tables for WMA, OGG, MPP, APE support

Any idea on when support will be added for mpc, ogg, flac, ape?  I really would like to see support for these file types.



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