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#1 2005-11-26 19:41:39

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 102

User_Category1 Problem

In prior versions I entered information in User_Category1 column to indicate that tracks that exist on a CD somewhere.  ie,  I would code a track as "!mp3 cd 17" to tell me I have backed up the track to a cd.   Now in version .603 I entered a new cd info in User_Category1; MP3B asked "The category is not in the list.  Do I want  to add it in as a new category?".   If I answered "ok" nothing happens and  the field remains blank.  The new category does not even exist in the drop down menu.

Later I looked in the Review tables menu.  I found my new category in User_Category but not in User_Category1.  Actually it exists as multiple records that I had to delete because I had tried this procedure several times.

I can make this work if I enter the new category in the "review category" window.  It's just not the same as before.



#2 2005-11-27 05:07:23

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1298

Re: User_Category1 Problem

It looks like the code is pointing to User_Category instead of User_Category1 -- I'll fix it in the next release.  Also -- it looks like I wasn't making sure the identifier was always greater than 255 for a custom category -- so I'll fix that too.



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