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#1 2006-01-27 19:45:23

Registered: 2011-06-05
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Genre field in V2

Have I mentioned this before? Seems so but can't find in forum so here goes:

When I update a tag in MP3B v.603, the v2 genre tag field gets updated with the numerical tag code vice the alpha.  Apparently, the v1 tag code is,however, still filled with the alpha version.  Now here's the impact:  When I <ALT-3> in winamp to read tags I see a "10" vice "New Age".    Also, I use Powerdesk as file manager.  It allows me to glide over a file name and the ID3 info is displayed in a cutout window.  If v2 exists that is displayed, if not then v1.  Consequently, I prefer to simply eliminate (erase) all v2 information.  Usually, v2 info is inherited from other users in bad form anyway.  It really doesn't add any value to my database.  And, it seems to confuse the issue when accessed by various software. I'm now even sure what happens when my MP3 player (creative Zen) gets hold of a file with mismatched v1 and v2 data.

ps...I did find my last post on this subhect in the Information for Beta testers area.  I guess I misposted there.

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#2 2006-01-28 04:25:12

Registered: 2011-06-05
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Re: Genre field in V2

In v0.604, I make sure I add the text for the ID3v2 genre like:

(10) New Age

It seems that this is supported by more of the players (even though the specification says the number is all that is required).



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