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#1 2006-04-23 08:36:48

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1298

Bugs to be fixed in v0.604

As I find/fix bugs, I'll try to keep this updated:
No longer keeps adding NULL artists (blanks at start of Artist Fixup) when deleting artists in Directory_Review  (SHOULD CHECK IF SAME FIX NEEDED FOR CATEGORY!)

When rescan directory -- uses correct settings from prior scans (e.g., artist/album)

If Winamp (new version) doesn't add C: to filepath -- MP3-Boss adds it (gets rid of "unable to locate file" error).

During scan: No current record -- fixed by checking scanpath.eof in For/Next. 

Sometimes VBR bitrate was incorrect (or 0) -- now analyze all frames in that case.

Shutdown Winamp (initialization) -- Always, or only when loaded by MP3-Boss

MusicCRC written when perform check_duplicates.

Adding items in User_Category1 ListView now updates that table

List View/New items in User_Category & User_Category1 checked for ID>255

Always Skipping >15K files dialog  -- a command button can click to see the informational message.

Added Moods table
Added Parental Guidance table

Adding support for more song formats

Added 2nd %Rated statistic -- % out of songs played

Playcount isn't incremented for first record if song isn't in database

Field length problems:
LyricsImageLink -- sometimes this contains 5 or 10 links instead of the single link expected.  I've also seen direct links to associated files (with drive/directory information) -- which doesn't transport well!

ID3_TYER -- sometimes is "2001 - 2003" or "sometime in the 80's" instead of the single 4-digit year expected.

TCOP -- need to increase field_size (to 255 chars)

I make sure I add the text for the ID3v2 genre like:
(10) New Age
It seems that this is supported by more of the players (even though the specification says the number is all that is required).

Some fixes for problems with showing embedded pictures:
-Clicking too fast to next record could cause a crash
-Get rid of dialog showing unsupported formats (show on systembar)

Add default printer selection in Reports

SavePics -- turn off Auto-Save of embedded pictures (select in Configuration)

Additional AutoBPM support -- now autoloads, auto-download/extract from website

Added support for huge playlists (>32K songs).  Theoretically supports 2billion songs in list.

Playlist now supports 'invalid filenames' like ...Baby One More Time.mp3



#2 2006-06-20 21:06:00

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 102

Re: Bugs to be fixed in v0.604

I didn't see the issue of writing text vice a number to the genre field.



#3 2006-06-21 04:35:45

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1298

Re: Bugs to be fixed in v0.604

Thanks -- I've added it to the list (already fixed).



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