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#1 2006-06-03 14:30:42

New member
Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1

Installation probs

Just downloaded the demo cus this program sounds like the program i need so i want to check it out...

However installing it...

it gets to 99% then i get the message "you do not have access to make the required system configuration modifications, please rerun this installation under administrators account"

how do i install?



#2 2006-06-03 16:42:23

Registered: 2011-06-05
Posts: 1298

Re: Installation probs

What operating system are you using?  Do you have administrator privileges?  Do you have Microsoft Office/Access installed?  If yes, what version(s)?

Assuming you have admin rights, my guess is that it is related to one of the following font files:
hatten.ttf (sometimes named Haettenschweiler.ttf)

These would be located in your windows fonts directory (normally c:\windows\fonts).

Do you already have these font files on your computer?



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