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#1 2006-09-04 14:50:09

Registered: 2011-06-05
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What is the purpose of storing images in MP3 Boss Directory?

Hi John,

First let me congratulate you again on having developed this wonderful software, it is extremely well written, stable and intuitive to use. I have been using it for a number of years now on an almost daily basis and whilst I may have been able to catalogue my MP3's with other software, I doubt other software would have had the degree of functionality that you have included.
I have been steadily increasing my use of ID3v2 tags including images and this has thrown up a couple of queries that I hope you can help with;
I am using Windows XP SP2 with 256megs RAM.

I understood that MP3 embedded images are stored in the actual MP3 files so why does MP3 Boss need to store mp3 embedded images in a directory? I am not able to find where you can actually view these images from within MP3 Boss; When I go to 'Detail View' and select the 'pics' tab I get a message 'Picture Format Not Supported' even though the tag contains a *.jpg image and can be clearly viewed in 'Tag and Rename' and 'Real Player'.
What are the consequences of deleting all these images (apart from freeing up 415megs of my disc space)?
In a similar vein, what is the function of the 'temp' directory? The files (in my case 1,700 of them using 55 megs) all have the same format; 'Test10_45_38.0'. Can I safely delete these files, if not the directory.
In MP3 Boss v.605 am I able to scan a directory containing 30,000 files? I notice that the help files suggests a maximum of 20,000 files, but I wonder if this relates to v.605
I have always written my MP3's to a cd/dvd then scanned the cd/dvd, however I now want to transfer all my dvds to a single hard drive and wonder if I need to use sub directories and do three or perhaps four scans rather than a single large scan.
I have read (with some alarm) about the possibility of possible corruption of MP3's with embedded images after scanning using MP3 Boss v.604. Can you tell me;
1. In what form does this corruption take? In other words how can I tell if any of my MP3s have been affected?
2. Does this corruption occur randomly or if one MP3 is corrupted then can I assume that all the MP3s will be similarily corrupted?
As always, thanks for your help

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#2 2006-09-04 20:47:20

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Re: What is the purpose of storing images in MP3 Boss Directory?

Lots of questions!  Glad you still like the program!

As of v0.605, you have the checkbox "Auto-save embedded pictures" in the Configuration/Scanning tab.  Uncheck that to stop the auto-save.  You can delete the pictures that are in the "EmbeddedPicDir" directory that is listed right above that checkbox.  The next revision will do a better job of displaying the pictures (independent of whether you have them in that directory).

TempDirectory (e.g. c:\program files\mp3boss\temp):
You can delete these files.  They were used during beta testing, and are no longer used.

Scanning Size:
The latest revision of MP3-Boss will automatically split the scan into 15K file segments.  When MP3-Boss finds that many files, it will simply show "Loop x of y" to indicate how many more 15K segments remain.  I don't think there is a limit to the number of files you can scan (although I've only tested to around 70K files).

Embedded Images/Clear ID3v2 tag:
I am using a library function to clear the ID3v2 tags ... and an early version of that library had a problem when the tags had embedded pics.  Once I notified the author, he fixed the problem immediately -- and this problem has been corrected in MP3-Boss v0.605.  When the problem happened, you'd see the size of the files drop from the normal multi-megabyte size down to KB size -- instead of deleting just the ID3v2 tag, most of the song was deleted.  Unfortunately, it didn't happen unless the file had a large embedded picture -- that's why it wasn't spotted immediately.

The next version of MP3-Boss is almost ready -- I'd wait for it if you are going to do a huge scan.  It includes 17K artists verified from Wikipedia -- so more consistent naming.  It also includes PUID lookup off the even horribly named files without tags can (sometimes) get good tag information.  I will warn you that PUID is horribly slow though...

I'm also adding a bit more intelligence to Artist Fixup so you can click to get a list of possible good matches (from the list of 17K artists), and if there is a can click to view the artist Wikipedia information.

Finally, since I had a bit of hard-drive corruption on an external drive...I've been able to figure out some additional error checking (instead of ignoring drive problems during a scan...I'll warn you better).  If I can, I'm going to add a quick "check for changed files" ... and later add a even more robust check based on the MD5 checksum.


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