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#1 2006-09-11 18:14:07

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v0.606 - release 09/11/06

v0.606 - release 09/11/06

Improved picture handling for embedded pictures.  Perform automatic BMP-->GIF conversion for unsupported BMP formats.  More fixes to Pic tab of detail view.  Check that FiletypeID set correctly when scanning (otherwise no files available to tag), and FileTypeID reset during CheckTag.  Scan Page -- Directory selection (again) starts from last-specified directory.  Better handle & report drive/file errors during scan (including CRC or device errors).  More intelligent artist detection during scan. Artist & Album Filter selector pre-load the scrollbar moves to the end of the list.  Added Filename to Pic tab of detail view.  Always add PUID fields (instead of only if configured for scanning). Show PUID fields in detail view.  ID3v2Picsize is cleared for new files. Additional PicView error messages. Fixed 1899 install date after v0.605 upgrade. Added Artist Fixup table of more than 17 thousand 'known good' artists (from Wikipedia) along with direct clickable links to Wikipedia.  This makes it easier to enter the artistname formatted correctly.  Configuration checkbox to send all songs to MusicDNS for PUID calculation (but this slows scan down to about 3 songs per minute - but found data is now stored locally for rescan). Update.mde checks for v1.07 instead of v1.08 format.

To delete things quickly (when huge numbers of duplicates), use Form view, then highlight part of the directory name and right-click "Filter by selection".  I use this to very quickly eliminate duplicate directories named things like "Rock01A" where there is an equivalent "Rock01" directory.
After "Process Duplicates" just right-click and "Remove Filter/Sort" to show all the files.  Fixed problem where removing filter would remove the "Show exact duplicates ONLY" selection.



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