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#1 2006-09-22 18:03:32

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v0.607 Released September 24!

As always, I'm very interested in what you think about the latest release -- and let me know about any bugs you find.

v0.607 was Released today!  New features:
Add the file "report.jpg" or "report.bmp" to the MP3Boss directory, and the Main report will show that image in place of the little yellow MP3 logo.

dhshortpath will return "" if file missing.  Process duplicates was showing "file missing" message...and then would exit routine when click OK...if files were missing.
ADDED: Duplicates/DataSheet/2-File "Select ALL" and "Clear ALL" for right-click menu to select all Delete1 or Delete2 in a column. 
Automatically clears filters if no matching records after duplicates are processed.
Delete/Skip/Cancel (with 'repeat action') message -- so don't have to click every time a file is marked 'read-only' or 'system'.

Utilities, ArtistFixup, Scan, and Detail forms were changed to eliminate maximize when called...instead they are shown as dialogs.  Detail is shown on-top of other windows to make it easy to see Detail while working on ArtistFixup.

Fixed: Detail "A song needs to be selected before clicking detail"
Fixed: Check_Artist improved -- now finds more matches

Fixed: deactivate BPM if scanning (shows popup message)

Added: Add controltips to the musicIP info -- "blue=local scan, green=remote scan", xx/yy = found xx of yy searches, etc.
Improved: Added DoEvents to PUID file read -- so can do stuff while it is reading PUID_INFO.TXT.  Changed color to blue if reading PUID_INFO.TXT (green when reading remote)

30-day instead of 60-day evaluation.

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