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#1 2006-10-08 20:38:21

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Upgrade from 0.57 to 0.607?

I purchased MP3 Boss quite a while ago.  I have been using v0.570.  I just got a new computer and I am reinstalling all my software.  I notice that the latest version is 0.607.  I am more concerned with stability than features.  V0.570 has some bugs in it, but it was more stable than the next couple of releases so I just stayed with it.

If I install v0.607, how would I update my database file (or do I need to)?  What recommendations can you give me that will make the upgrade smoother – or should I just stick with what I have?

I think v0.607 is stable (no reported bugs so far), does a much better job when scanning, and has a bunch of new features (compared to v0.57).  Some of the v0.607 features are particularly nice if you have a lot of uncategorized files -- audio fingerprinting means that even files without any tags can often be identified.  The final check against a table of 17K artists means that you get fewer incorrect artists in your lists.

Still -- most of the problems with v0.57 relate to scanning specific (new) ID3v2 tags - so if create most of your mp3 files then probably v0.57 does a good job.

To make sure you have a smooth upgrade, this is what I would do:
1) Make a complete copy of your mp3boss directory.  Maybe even create a verified copy on CD-ROM so you can always go back to v0.57 if you don't like v0.607.
2) Install v0.607 -- when you install just say that you want to keep your data.

The first time you run v0.607, mp3boss will say that it needs to update the database and then call up the Update program.  Just let it run and it will update your database.  It is possible that the first time you run after an update, v0.607 might give an error while it fills in some of the missing data (I've think I've gotten around this problem...but don't want you to worry if the first time you see a 'data files are corrupted' error).

If you decide you don't like v0.607 -- you would just uninstall v0.607, then install v0.57...and copy back your v0.57 files.  If you decide to install v0.607 and find any bugs, please let me know!

I gave it a shot and it appears to be working correctly.  I haven’t scanned in any new mp3s yet, but the data appears to be correct.  Thanks for the info.



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