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#1 2006-10-15 18:19:17

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New-user questions...

Installation drive:
You should be able to specify the drive during the initial installation (although the default installation will be to  c:\program files\mp3boss).  Even if you install to drive D: though, there are some files that will be placed on the drive that holds Windows.  MP3-Boss is actually based on the Microsoft Access runtime, and Microsoft wants the runtime files installed on the system drive.  The MP3-Boss database file can all be installed to any drive you want.

Please let me know if you have trouble with the installation!

CDA format:
So far, I haven't tried to use MP3-Boss to manage audio CDs (CDA format).  Surprisingly, I haven't had other requests...most people want me to manage more file formats (e.g., OGG or APE), and I do intend to do that.  The first thing I do with my audio CDs is convert them to MP3...and then manage the mp3 files with MP3-Boss.

Column Order:
Just drag the column heading to the location you want to move the columns around.  Change the column width as desired, or close a column completely to hide it.  You can click "Profiles" on the List View toolbar if you want to save different views.  Profiles also let you "Freeze" left-most columns in place so they don't scroll horizontally.

How to apply updates (e.g., comments) to the source file:
Click the "Tag" button near the bottom-right of List View (just above the Winamp controls).  Click the checkboxes on the left side of that dialog to select what you want to update (e.g., Edited Only/Empy Tags), and then click "Auto-Update ALL" button to update all the files that meet the criteria you've selected.

MP4 and M4a formats are already supported. Just go to Configuration/FileTypes tab and select the formats you want.  Eventually I'll support all of the greyed-out selections, but for now I only support the 6 filetypes shown in black.

Thanks for letting me know what isn't working or is confusing!



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