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#1 2006-10-29 02:47:51

Registered: 2011-06-05
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v0.608 Beta Release -- October 27, 2006

WARNING:  Please use care in case there are any problems.  I recommend you backup your mp3boss directory prior to the installation.

Quite a few improvements in this release...

Duplicate verification scan adds MD5 verification...10-100x faster than a bit-by-bit verification!  Added web check button to bring up information about those songs that have PUID information (Detail View).  BPM now a toggle instead of a command button to make status easier to see.  Fixed a "Browse for AutoBPM location" bug and clear the "Please wait while the AutoBPM program is loaded..." message.  ListView will now minimize instead of close if you are running BPM.  Registered users: add report.jpg or report.bmp to your mp3boss program directory, and that graphic will be used in place of the yellow mp3 image -- for any of the Main report selections.  Scan page now appears at screen center.  Report graphics no longer rely on Office graphics filters.  Fixed a problem with AutoMove dialog not opening on some installations (uneeded link to comdlg32.ocx).  Detail view now has "Full/Sortable" and "Limit to ListView" option buttons instead of a command button to switch between the two modes -- plus the right-click menu sorting options are ONLY shown when "Full/Sortable" is selected.  Playlist reports improved -- at least 10x faster.  Now support up to 40K song entries in the playlist for reports.  For other purposes, playlists are limited to 65K items.  Minor improvements to scanning genre & year.

Beta 0.608 update release:

Beta 0.608 full version release:

In theory you should only need the v0.608 update release.  However, if you want to do a full installation, you can use the v0.608 full version release.  Don't forget to backup what you have!



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