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#1 2006-11-12 14:34:25

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v0.608 Scan times

I've done a bit of testing here.

I did a quick scan of 50 files.

For those files, my system scans about 25 songs/minute -- with most of the time taken up by 6 files that didn't have embedded tags.  That turned on MusicIP lookup...which can easily take 10seconds per song.  If you want fast scans, you probably want to turn off MusicIP.

I was surprised that the smart-search Artistlookup (using local tables) takes only 0.2seconds per turning that off really wouldn't help.

I did see one thing that might help -- if you are usually scanning NEW files, you probably want to rename or delete the file:
c:\program files\mp3boss\puid\puid_info.txt

That file holds prior PUID scan information so that re-scans don't have to recalculate the PUID information.  However...that file might get so large that scanning it might take as long as the recalculation.  You can tell if that is the problem if you see BLUE bars scanning for a long time in the Scan window (near the MusicIP logo).  GREEN bars mean that the local information wasn't found, so the PUID is being recalculated (and the information sent out to the MusicIP server to see if there is an Artist/Title match).

Please let me know what you see for scan times...and any other problems.



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