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#1 2010-12-26 22:12:20

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Halo all


Hi what's up all, been absorbing here for a while and decided to speak. Something's just spinning around in my head lol.

Learn how to make a beat essentially!

So I was reading an article today and my eyes strayed towards an ad on how to roll your own beats. Now bear in mind this wasn't karioke which I have seen as well for  about $1 per month in various places but a full blown proggy. It got me thinking whether or not it's going to be worth it to buy me some of those dj sample thingies you know that they use to make remixes? Why not just play with this and redo your favorite tune from scratch?  FLashback to the 1970s?

When you think about it, before the old school Rolands nobody usually thought they could afford a synth even for their office let alone their home and businesses always grabbed those big professional gigs and had dumb terminals running to the big bad boy in a metal cupboard. Today we just have PCs doing it!



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