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#1 2006-12-10 14:58:15

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v0.609 Release -- December 15, 2006

This release has a number of major enhancements, plus it fixes a number of troublesome bugs -- definitely a recommened upgrade.

Because I've re-written the installer, currently ONLY the full version is available.  If you want to Upgrade -- just get the full version and make sure you say you want to use the old data files (NOT create a new database!) when you are asked during the installation.  I hope to get the upgrade release out in a few days.

The good news is that I've fixed a strange scanning bug that would cause an access crash -- turns out it was simply that the status line was over 255 chars when the path was over about 235 characters long!  Plus, I've fixed the problem with the hidden scanning window during a first-time scan, fixed the "Processing Directory" takes forever bug, and in general now update the screen more frequently so you'll know how scanning is progressing.

v0.609 - release 12/15/06
Added balloon-type tooltips for the Switchboard, ListView, and ArtistFixup windows.  Included some spanish language support with the tooltips for the ListView window.  Added canvas.bmp as a blue background for switchboard -- to create your own background, just rename a bmp as canvas.bmp and place it in the mp3boss directory.  Added several new utilities -- Winamp playlist repair (automatically fix filepath information for the currently loaded Winamp playlist), beta-test of a advanced multi-select filter with ability to export to a number of different formats (e.g., text, Excel, HTML...), Artist list viewer (view/edit the list of 17K "known good" artists), Tooltip viewer (view/edit the tooltips for files that have the new balloon tooltip support).  If you want to edit the ArtistList or Tooltips -- just send me your edited ArtistList.mdb or Tooltips.mdb and I'll include the changes in the next release. New configuration items - new settings to ignore artist-lookup during scan, and add support for balloon tooltip foreground & background colors. Fix during scan that would sometimes result in an error#91 (Object variable or With block variable not set), and speeded up directory processing when "Scan Selected Directories" to ensure that ONLY the selected directories are processed.  Win95/Win98 computers without unicode support need to use the full-install version of MP3-Boss to get unicode support (or separately install UNICOWS.EXE). Fixed AutoBPM problem (was incorrectly saving status on exit - which meant it might not be turned on when clicked).



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